Heat Exchanger quotation

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Steel Shell And Tube Heat Exchanger is one of our companyrsquo;s best-selling products. We have modern equipment and management to ensure product quality. We have the ability to produce products that meet ASME, PED, CE, JIS, IBR, MOM, DOSH, GB and other standards. container.The main control parameters of the shell and tube heat exchanger are heating area, hot water flow, heat exchange, heat medium parameters, etc.Since the temperature of the fluid inside and outside the tube is different in the shell and tube heat exchanger, the temperature of the shell and the tube bundle of the heat exchanger are also different. If the two temperatures are very different, great thermal stress will be generated in the heat exchanger, causing the tube to bend, break, or pull off the tube sheet. Therefore, when the temperature difference between the tube bundle and the shell exceeds 50deg;C, appropriate compensation measures must be taken to eliminate or reduce thermal stress.
Our advantage
1. Pressure vessel product customization service
2. Pressure vessel manufacturer, ISO9001 quality management system
3. Familiar with foreign pressure vessel specifications, with American ASME, EU PED pressure vessel design and manufacturing qualifications, Japanese JIS, Malaysian DOSH vessels successfully delivered
4. Operation experience of professional foreign trade export projectsHeat Exchanger quotation