Thousand Hand Sword-Willow Setting Sun _ txt Novel Paradise

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It's just like the story of the oil seller. Practice makes perfect. Even if Ju Jiahua lowered the speed,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, the speedboat quickly came to the top of Gemini Wu. Here, it is obvious that there is a completely different feeling from the Blue Whale Island, a

"Boss, why don't you find someone to give you some medicine and bandage first?" Qi shook his head with a bucket, closed his eyes, and said with a gray face: "No, I can support you for a while-you go on.". ” Lv Hua licked his cracked mouth and said: "The man surnamed Nan naturally didn't know that Bao Chengcai was following him in the dark. During the period when Bao Chengcai was following him, he found that Nan Huan Yue and the old man surnamed Di had been intercepted by several thieves outside the city, intending to rob the gold converted from the three thousand taels of silver that Nan Huan Yue had extorted from Pan Laosan. As a result, of course, the thieves were called Nan. But he released the thieves, and then a coquettish woman appeared. She talked with Nan Huan Yue and old man Di in a forest for a long time. After a while, the coquettish woman somehow got on the horse with old man Di and left. Nan Huan Yue returned to Dali Mansion alone.. Qi used to fight the pain of the wound so that he could not bear it, and then he could not be a hero. He ordered two of his men to hold him behind him: "Quick, go and invite Master Li from the back." Tell him not to forget to bring the medicine box with him. With a promise, one of the two black-robed men rushed into the darkness. At this time, the rest of the "Futugang" are silently counting casualties, burying the dead, cleaning up the aftermath, each of their survivors look so heavy, so gray, but also left a lingering palpitation.. Lyu3 u4 swallowed saliva, continued: After Nan returned to Dali Mansion, when it was getting dark, he arrived alone in front of a huge house and crossed the wall. Bao Chengcai was afraid to go in for fear of leaking his appearance, so he guarded outside the wall. After waiting for a while,10g Ozone Generator, he heard the sound of fighting and shouting coming from the wall, and heard a tragic cry. After a while, Nan came out over the wall again and walked away with a big thorn. Bao Chengcai hurriedly jumped up to the top of the wall and looked in. In the light of the room, darling, the courtyard was full of dead people-all of them were the vicious hands of Nan Huan Yue! Qi murmured with the bucket: "The whole body of this boy from Huan Yue in the south." In terms of ability.. Causing such scenes. It's not a miracle! Lu Hua was so painful that he breathed in the place where the five fingers of his right hand were broken, and he tilted his face and said: "Yes.." As soon as Bao Chengcai looked at the top of the wall and saw the light in the room, he recognized two of the corpses in the yard that he knew. They were Hua Chao, the fifth of the Twelve Fulong Hands in the Fulong Regiment, and Ma Shoutang, the Head of Tai Sui! Qi clenched his teeth with a bucket and squeezed the words out of his teeth: "How?" Lu Hua tried to carry the gas, saying: "Then, Bao Chengcai went to track down Nan Huan Yue again. When Nan Huan Yue rested for a while and came out along the road from the east gate, 3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate ,Ceramic Bobbin, he immediately rushed to the meeting place'Xingfu Wine Shop 'that he had agreed to meet with Fang Hao. At that time, Fang Hao and the old clock and the two brothers of the Yan family just arrived. A large number of our troops also stayed outside the city'Pine Forest Felling' waiting for news. Bao Chengcai hurried a day to track the process of Nan Huan Yue roughly said again, while sending someone out to inform us to intercept the surname of Nan here, while they covered all the way down from behind.. Qi Yudou is painful, is tired, and can't bear Bing, so he got angry: "Lord Lv, you are so wordy. What are you going to tell me?"? Don't you want to describe how Bao Chengcai tracked Nan Huan Yue? Now that he's finished and all the people are dead, why do he still talk about some meaningless things? Old man-Oh, it hurts! A touch of aggrieved purple rose from Lu Hua's big gray face, and she said in a dull way: "Big boss, I'm just going to go into detail so you can understand my idea." Qi took a breath with a bucket and curled his mouth: "Come on.." Point to say.. Pick the important thing to say.. Alas, I am old. Just now I was able to barely. Just for a moment, I can't stand it. Lv flower sniffle, strong hold back is also pull intestines cut heart like the pain of the broken finger, hoarse way: "Big boss, my idea is this." We say this blow tonight, the strength is greatly reduced, and then want to avenge this blood, we alone, I am afraid it is not enough to deal with the surname of the south. Hua Chao and Ma Shoutang are the backbone roles of the'Fulong Regiment ', and the'Fulong Regiment' will never be willing to give up when they are slaughtered in the south of Hengdao. They will also find the surname south for Hua Chao and Ma Shoutang revenge, why don't we unite with them? Together to deal with Nan Huan Yue? In this way, we all save some effort. Qi nodded with a trembling way: "That's a good idea." After we returned to our posts, we told them to talk to the people of the Fulong Regiment. Alas, we're really looking for it tonight. Lv Hua eyebrows like a knot, weak way: "Fortunately.." The people of Dashengtang are set up. Qi asked with a heavy bucket; "What do you say?" Lu Hua trembled for a moment and said: "If you come-I'm afraid there won't be any left." With a heavy humming, displeased way: "Say something nice!" At this time, in the shadow, two people have been panting ran over, forward is just to find the big man in black robe, followed by a bone ridge such as firewood, dressed in sapphire blue Fushou Tuanzi robe sour Confucian, two people came to the front of Qi Yongdou, the sour Confucian almost breathed out! With his mouth wide open, he was breathing. This man was as thin as a lath, with a sallow complexion. He had two horoscopes and was waiting for a few words of complaint. He glanced at the place. Can't help but give a strange cry: "God.." Boss Qi.. Where are your hands? Qi opened a pair of dim eyes with a bucket of force, to die or not to live: "Hands?"? It's gone. Black-robed big fellow urgent way: "Master Li, you've been invited here to administer medicine for the head of the family. The head of the family's hand has been broken!" Lu Hua also groaned: "Master Li." All five of my fingers are broken. Together with the bucket body twitched,Kamado bbq grill, angrily shouted: "Order up and down, the old man comes first." Master Li looked around and shivered so much that his face changed color; "My dear mother!"! Why are so many people lying down? This place has become a Shura field. No wonder the boss told me to stay in front alone and not to come over. Qi in the fight with exhaustion of the call: "Master, give me some medicine to stop the pain. I can't eat any more."