Harem: Legend of Zhen Huan

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She nodded at Fang Yu, but in her heart she scolded the latter half to death. Luo Kai does not detain: "Good." As soon as Zhou Xintong left,Chinese spa manufacturer, Fang Yu lowered his voice and said to Luo Kai mysteriously, "Teacher, does Sister Xintong want to ask you

However, it is puzzling that Xuan Ling's love for Ling Rong began to become less intense from this small title storm, but also slightly better than ordinary people. The harem began to outshine others from Lingrong. Hua Fei and I began to evolve into a situation of spring and autumn, each leading the way. Many concubines who had been left out for a long time were brought back to the city of Ziao to spend the summer. Most of these favored concubines had rich family status and family background, such as Duan Fei, Hua Fei, Li Xiurong, I, Xin Gui Pin, Mei Zhuang, Wang Mu Pin and Zhao Yun Pin. And Ling Rong for this change, although A little sad, but after all, it is also light. In the Taiping Palace, for a time, they competed with each other and were very lively. On that day, I led Liu Zhu to get up early and go to the Moon Lake to collect the fresh morning dew on the lotus flowers for cooking tea. The fields of lotus leaves cover the sky, the lotus flowers are towering above it, and the water is sparkling like gold. Boating in the meantime, such as in Bi It is also my daily pleasure to look for a deep and serene road among the leaves and red flowers, and occasionally break the lotus pods and peel fresh lotus seeds to eat. As the boat swung past, it suddenly occurred to him that Duan Fei was living in the Yuhua Pavilion by the Moon Lake. "Come with me to see the Empress Duan Fei," he said. Not close to the hall,massage bathtub manufacturers, far heard a burst of pipa gurgling sound, smooth and tactful. As soon as I saw her, I smiled and said to the princess, "I never knew the empress had such skill in playing the pipa. The empress's skill is really hidden." OK When she saw me come in, she just smiled and nodded. At the end of the song, she was quite fascinated. She said, "In those days, Empress Chunyuan personally taught me the pipa, but unfortunately I was not talented enough. What I learned was only three or four out of ten." It's just that it's really not elegant. The admiration and fear of Queen Chunyuan in my heart added a layer. The skill of Duanfei's pipa was perfect,outdoor whirlpool tub, not as good as that of Queen Chunyuan. How well should Queen Chunyuan's pipa be played? Change, like the sounds of nature. Chapter 77: Frost rises from the ground. I only laughed: "The empress has this skill. No wonder she can win the favor of the emperor." With a faint smile, Duan Fei let me sit down and said, "I don't have to hide anything from my sister. The emperor came to my place just to listen to the lute. With my weak body, I can't serve the emperor overnight at all." Her smile is hidden. In the two shallow pear vortex, "Now there are many concubines in the Taiping Palace, all of whom are quite favored. How can my sister still have the pleasure to come to me?" I took a sip of tea and said with a smile, "a moment of kindness is nothing.". My sister is so smart that she can naturally think of the truth. I recalled the lingering fragrance of tea: "This autumn is three years of Xiu Nu big." Pick, I don't know how many new people to enter the palace, in front of these is really nothing. Her eyes were as clear as water and full of light, and she said, "My sister can often accompany the emperor around to know the political situation, so that she can be so calm and relaxed." "I'm just a woman," I said humbly. "What can I know? It's all right. Isn't the empress also indifferent to it? Duan Fei smiled without a word, looking at a blue sky as clear as glass, I only slowly picked up the water caltrop to eat, endless pool factory ,hot tub manufacturers, each enjoying himself. It was a long time before Concubine Duan took one look at me and said, "What happened to Concubine An is nothing but It's just a start, and I'm sure we can't stay out of it in the future. I sighed and said, "If someone rises, someone must fall. The emperor deliberately refused to give the title of concubine An in order to calm the anger of the women in the harem who were favored by her." Duan Fei sighed and then said flatly, "There is no difference between the harem and the political situation." I just smiled as if I hadn't heard of it. I just feel that this summer is so long, so long, the sound of cicadas is endless, and the days seem to be endless. Coming out of the Yuhua Pavilion of Duanfei, I had a basket of water caltrops in my hands, with two sharp corners and tender meat. Duan Fei's words are still ringing in my ears, "Water caltrop meat is beautiful, but we must first cut off its two corners and remove its hard shell." Only in this way can we taste the pulp, otherwise it is easy to be hurt by its sharp corners, and the loss outweighs the gain. I smile, people are not so, want to get something must first avoid its harm. The red sun rises, and it is cloudless, adding a bit of hot and dry. I couldn't stand the heat, and my body was already sweaty, so I chose a shady and quiet path with Liu Zhu to go back to the Yifu Pavilion. In the area of "Yudai Tongyin", the roadside is lined with Chinese parasol trees and shaded, which naturally contains cool and quiet. The scenery is both beautiful and not hot. I held Liu Zhu's hand and walked slowly while looking at the scenery. It was cold. Unexpectedly, she looked up and saw that Hua Fei had brought Cao Jieyu and Qiao Cai-nu, followed by a group of palace maids, who came over in a mighty way. Hua Fei was talking and laughing, and as soon as she saw me, her expression suddenly cooled down. Since her reset, I have tried to avoid confrontation with her head-on. I am out of favor because of her, she is out of favor because of me, and the hatred for each other is unforgettable and can not be eliminated. Just such a narrow encounter, my position is under her, but it is inevitable to meet, and I have promised Xuan Ling, for the sake of the overall situation, must endure each other. "So with a sigh of relief, he bowed down respectfully and said," Empress Hua, Jin An. " Cao Jieyu and Qiao Cai-nu beside her also blessed me. Hua Fei was not in a hurry to wake me up. Her eyes looked at me with misgivings. Time passed quietly bit by bit, so quiet that the sound of crows and sparrows was not heard. I remembered that day when I knelt down in Mi Xiu Palace. A tight can not help but bang and hate, bite his lips to restrain his hatred, bend his knees to maintain a peaceful and tranquil look. For a long time, she said, "Get up." She gazed intently at me. Her eyes were full of complicated expressions of hatred, fear, disgust, contempt, and provocation. For a moment, she had mixed feelings. Hua Fei seemed to smile and said, "There is a time for this palace to be restored today. Can you Have you ever thought of it? I kept a modest look and hid by the side of the road. My appearance was submissive and my voice was steady. "The empress has endless blessings. How can the concubines guess and predict?" I gave her another blessing and said, "It's not too late yet." "Congratulations to the empress on her restoration." "No," she said coldly. This palace does not dare to be the concubine of Guan. She glanced at me,whirlpool bathtub, unable to hide the disgust in her tone. She frowned her beautiful long eyebrows and said, "The more submissive you are, the more I think you are." Afraid. 。 monalisa.com