National Goddess: Reborn Ace Daughter

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She nodded at Fang Yu, but in her heart she scolded the latter half to death. Luo Kai does not detain: "Good." As soon as Zhou Xintong left,Chinese spa manufacturer, Fang Yu lowered his voice and said to Luo Kai mysteriously, "Teacher, does Sister Xintong want to ask you

Zhao Yiling fixed his eyes on Li Ruyu. "Think about it. If I marry Mo Zhixuan, you will be the in-laws of the head of the Mo family. When you become the in-laws of the Mo family, who dares to give you a little look from the rich ladies in the capital? When the time comes, you will be the elder among them!"! They don't all have to be centered on you. Li Ruyu sighed, although she also yearned for that kind of life, but she could not gamble with her daughter's life. So he took Zhao Yiling's hand and said in all earnestness. That's what I said, but don't forget that Mo Zhixuan will conquer his wife. Linger, it's not our thing. Let's not force it. At the moment, you just carry out the'z plan 'well. Everything outside is empty. A good person is better than anything else! At this point, Li Ruyu paused a little and then said, "Besides, you now have the backing of Junao Group. The capital will be your world sooner or later. Why should you take that risk to marry a devil?" Zhao Yiling smiled and said slowly. Mother, haven't you ever heard of such a sentence? You don't even want to have a try. How do you know that the head of the Mo family is his wife? You said before that Lord Mo was an old man, but in fact, he was at most thirty years old and handsome! It's much better than the young boys I've seen! Hearing what Zhao Yiling said, Li Ruyu raised her eyes in some surprise and asked, "Is that Mo Jiaju better than Li Hanjiang?" Li Hanjiang is now the best young man she has ever seen, and she once regarded Li Hanjiang as her son-in-law. If Mo Jiaju is more handsome than Li Hanjiang, he is also a good son-in-law. After all,jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers, compared with the Mo family, the Li family is more than 100 grades behind. Zhao Yiling laughed disdainfully, "what is Li Hanjiang?"! Li Hanjiang can't even see the shadow in front of the head of the Mo family! Besides, don't you always say that Li Hanjiang is a big man in the capital? I tell you, in front of that man, even his big brother has to be humble. More magnificent than Li Hanjiang! Moreover, he is more handsome than Li Hanjiang. Li Ruyu was moved and pulled out a tissue to wipe her tears, "Linger,China spa factory, you said." Is it all true? "Of course!" Zhao Yiling nodded without hesitation, "This is what I saw with my own eyes, and there can be false!"! So, mother, you promise me that I must marry the head of the Mo family. "This.." Li Ruyu still hesitated, no matter what, she could not make fun of Zhao Yiling's life, "but what about the curse?" There are already 18 bloody examples. How can she let her daughter take such a risk? "Mom, we don't care whether there is a curse or not, even if there is a curse, so what?"! Didn't Mrs. Mo say that as long as she was the daughter of the extreme Yin, she might be able to restrain the curse on the head of the Mo family! Yes, Mrs. Mo said that. As long as she is the daughter of the extreme Yin, whirlpool hot tub ,whirlpool hot tub, she can restrain the curse on the head of the Mo family. Li Ruyu's heart is a little bit of shaking, left and right to weigh the next, only way, "Linger, this kind of thing mother can not decide, or wait for your father to come back, I discuss with him." Indeed, compared to Li Hanjiang. Mo Jiaju is really much better. Seeing Li Ruyu like this, Zhao Yiling knew that it was almost seven or eight points. He hugged her with a satisfied smile and said, "Mom, you are so kind. As long as you agree, I believe my father will agree." "Silly child," Li Ruyu smiled and patted Zhao Yiling's hand. Suddenly frowning, he quickly grabbed Zhao Yiling's hand and said in a hurry, "Linger, where is your bracelet?" Zhao Yiling's face changed slightly, "the bracelet was lost." She subconsciously concealed the truth of the matter. If Li Ruyu knew that the bracelet was forcibly taken by Mo Zhixuan, she would certainly not agree to let herself marry him. "What!"! Lost it? Li Ruyu's face changed and her heart was bleeding. "How did you lose such a precious thing? Where did you lose it?"? Did you ask someone to look for it? "Lost is lost!" Zhao Yiling pretended not to care, "Anyway, when I marry into the Mo family, there is nothing good, but I still care about that bracelet!" When she marries to the Mo family, then she will be the wife of the head of the Mo family, but also afraid that he will not return the blood jade bracelet to himself? Left and right are their own things, but temporarily preserved in the Mo family. No, it's going to be her home, too. What? It's just a bracelet! Li Ruyu exasperated way, "that is the heirloom of the Mo family, there is only one in the world, such a good thing, you say, how did you lose it?" If I had known, she would have pawned it. The bracelet was so good that it was worth a lot of money. Maybe it can sell hundreds of millions! Zhao Yiling is also angry, "not all blame you!"! If you hadn't pushed this marriage on that waste, I would be the fiancee of the head of the Mo family now! If the fiancee of the head of the Mo family was me, the bracelet would not be lost! You say, such a good thing, unexpectedly abruptly let you push to the head of that waste, now all the people in the Mo family know that Chu Jin is the fiancee of the head of the Mo family, how can you make me feel? It's okay if you don't say it, but the more you say it, the angrier Zhao Yiling gets. How nice it would be if the person who was engaged to Mo Zhixuan was himself! Unfortunately, it was taken away by that good-for-nothing waste. What does that have to do with me? Li Ruyu opened her eyes wide, "you didn't want to get married at the beginning!"! Now it's my fault. I'm not all for your own good. Which mother in the world is willing to watch her daughter die? The anger on Zhao Yiling's face gradually faded. She now regrets her decision. But it is still not too late,american hot tub, once the waste is dead, the daughter of the extreme Yin is left with herself, and the Mo family has no other choice.