Fengyu Jiangshan

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Flying under the moon Green gauze, green silk dance, in the bright and spacious hall,lamella tube, a charming and beautiful woman with a gauze belt between her arms, whirling and dancing, as happy as a carefree fairy in the mountain stream.

As soon as Mu Shi was in a panic, he quickly got up to make a gift. "The Crown Princess has something to say, but it doesn't matter. My concubine is trying her best to help her." The Crown Princess stepped down from the soft couch and paced slowly in front of her. Mu Shi lowered his head, only to see the skirt with gold thread and brocade gradually approaching. In the days since she entered the East Palace, she had never been lucky enough to receive the crown prince. Compared with her family background, she was no match for the Crown Princess, who was honored by the emperor and the empress. In terms of affection, the Crown Prince's deep affection for the Crown Princess is obvious to all. In the harem, she admitted that she was not the exquisite person, nor was she good at designing means. She just wanted to live a safe life, which was a blessing. Did not expect today the crown princess actually personally recruit, it seems to have the intention of winning over, she did not know what the crown princess heart in the end, can not help but some panic. My sister is more polite. The Crown Princess helped her up with her own hands, smiling gently, "I heard that my sister is good at flying dance, isn't she?" Flying dance comes from Dunhuang. Women wear silk ribbons around their waists and wear tulle. When they dance,wall penstocks, their waists swing like willows and they step and spin like flying apsaras. Yes Mu is obedient, 18 kinds of musical instruments, 26 kinds of dancing skills, she can hardly understand any of them. It was my brother's birthday after February. My brother loved dancing, especially flying apsaras. I wanted to ask my sister to help some dancers to dance for my brother on his birthday. What the Crown Princess said is sincere, and it is very appropriate in terms of emotion and reason. Mu Shi Fu bowed again,filter nozzle, "I must be careful." "Then there's Sister Lao." The Crown Princess took Mu's hand, closed it gently, and then said with a smile, "We all serve the Crown Prince in the East Palace. We should get along with each other for a long time. We should help each other and take care of each other." Mu Fei's eyes flashed and she noticed that there seemed to be a deep meaning in the words of the Crown Princess. She slowly looked up, looking at that beautiful and matchless, enough to reverse the face of all living beings, that pair of crystal eyes deep dark surge of waves, without concealing. Perhaps it was time for her to make a decision. She bowed calmly and her voice was calm. "I should follow the lead of the Crown Princess." King Su and Yelv Baolong went straight back to the palace after the banquet, and King Su's handsome face was burning red with anger. What peerless beauty? I think it's just vulgar powder. He grabbed the scroll that he had carefully placed on the purple double table in the hall, raised his hand, and threw it at the door. As soon as Yelv Baolong stepped into the hall, he felt something flying over his head and took it with both hands. When King Su saw that he had almost lost him, Lamella Plate Settler ,Rotating sludge scraper, he was stunned, but then he thought that he had almost tricked him into marrying a woman whose appearance was not surprising. Wouldn't he be laughed at by his brothers? He was so angry that he sat down on the chair angrily, and even the milk tea served by the maid had no interest at all. Look how angry you are. Yelv Baolong held the scroll and sat down on the table of King Su. The maid brought milk tea. He smiled elegantly. When the maid saw his elegant smile, she blushed. Not?! Every word of King Su almost gnashed his teeth. "Fortunately, I have a long mind. If I really ask for this marriage today, I.." I won't go back to my country. I'll just find an old tree with a crooked neck and make a decision by myself. It seems that he is really angry. When Yelv Baolong saw that the more he spoke, the more unreasonable he became. He scolded him in a low, cold voice, "What kind of childish temper do you have? In front of the emperor of the Eastern Dynasty, you give people a look. Is this the Sinology etiquette you talk about all day long?"? I don't think you've learned much. As soon as King Su was scolded by him, his white and red cheeks were covered with a layer of burning clouds. "When I saw her appearance, I was all confused. How could I care about etiquette?" He rubbed his chest with one hand, thinking of the shock at that glance, he was afraid that he would have nightmares at night. Yelv Baolong smiled coldly and looked at him. "Does Princess De Ning really have such a hateful face?" "That's not true. He should look pretty." Looking at all kinds of beauties, King Su's eyes are very critical. Generally, it is difficult for beauties to get into his eyes. "But how uncomfortable I look at her? I feel chest tightness when I see her two eyes more." Anyway, it is absolutely impossible for him to marry Princess De Ning as his concubine. Yelv Baolong took the scroll on the table, untied the knot, and the scroll unrolled with a crash, almost touching the ground at the scroll. King Su took a look at the stunning woman with bright eyes on the painting and looked away with hatred. At this point, he believed that the word "wonderful brush" had a profound meaning. Yelv Baolong smiled at the corners of his mouth and his eyes fell on the face of the woman in the painting. The light blue pupils gradually turned into the light of the blue moon. "I think she is very beautiful." King Su stared at him incredulously, not knowing whether he was surprised by his unique aesthetic or by the words that came out of his mouth that were not like what he would say. With the appearance of the Crown Princess, how can her sister be a vulgar powder? Yelv Baolong stood up and hung the scroll in his hand on the wall. He stood in front of the painting with his hands on his back and looked at it carefully. The woman in the painting was vividly depicted, as if she was going to walk down from the wall. King Su carelessly took a sip of milk tea beside his hand. "I thought so before today. Thinking that the Crown Princess is so beautiful, her sister must be beautiful and beautiful, but what about the fact?" He spread out his hands and said helplessly, "Even God is biased. He gave his beauty to his sister. What can he do?" "Really don't choose Princess De Ning?" Yelv Baolong looked back at King Su, who carried him on his back, bowed his head and drank tea. He raised his hand and cut off the railway: "Never choose her." Yelv Baolong walked up behind him, put one hand on his shoulder, and bent over and said, "Why don't you see him again?" King Su frowned and was just about to open his mouth when Yelv Baolong said, "It was casual." King Su casually put down the teacup and felt that the idea was not impossible, but he felt a little strange, "Why do you seem to have a special affection for this princess?" "Why?" Yelv Baolong slowly chewed these three words in his mouth, and cast his eyes on the painting again. I don't know if he thought of anything. Even the smile on his lips was gentle like the lake in spring. "It's probably because I think a woman like her is worthy of a man like Wanyan." Flying under the moon Green gauze, green silk dance, in the bright and spacious hall,lamella tube, a charming and beautiful woman with a gauze belt between her arms, whirling and dancing, as happy as a carefree fairy in the mountain stream. khnwatertreatment.com