While it was only one play and an unreliable

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If you were Madden 23 coins hoping to end your days of seeing Brady every week, you'll have to wait at least another decade.

The game is a long-lasting wound for Raiders fans and had enormous consequences for Madden NFL 23. If the play had been ruled an erroneous fumble, then the Raiders were likely to have prevailed, and had a strong argument to make it to the Super Bowl. If this happened it would have been unthinkable the team would trade director Jon Gruden's job to the Buccaneers. Furthermore, had Brady not made an effort to cement his place in history that season with the first Super Bowl win there's a very real chance the team would have gone back to Drew Bledsoe for the starting quarterback in 2002. when the player returned from an injury. If that was the case, we would never have witnessed Brady rise to become the greatest QB of Madden NFL 23 history.

While it was only one play and an unreliable call however, it changed the course of the way that Madden NFL 23 operates over the past 20 years. It is at least confirmation from the player himself that he may have been able to get the benefit of the doubt.

It's the time for drafts. If you're a chronic fan, you've probably seen"The famous "Jimmy Johnson draft-pick value chart" at some point this week to figure out how much it would cost you for you and your Madden NFL 23 team to trade up for your favorite prospect or figure out how much your team could make with a trade back in the draft. The process used to create the Johnson Chart, though, was market-based, not Madden 23 coins results-based. As The Washington Post recently put it, Mike McCoy "plotted on the paper every trade involving draft picks over the past four years" to determine the worth of a draft choice.