Are TPE Sex Dolls the End of Real Doll Development?

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Looking at the new perspective of sex dolls, and looking at the dazzling variety, it is inevitable to stay on TPE sex dolls. He would be amazed by the wide variety of products out there and the different types and shapes that can be ordered.

So who would read that there are 20 year old silicone dolls and mid 90s rubber dolls on the market? Almost all the wishes of friends who like dolls have come true, what should we do?

This question makes sense if you're not very familiar with the world of realistic young sexdoll.

oksexdoll is not only suitable for sex dolls made of TPE material. In addition, special breeds like sex dolls and silicone torsos fill all the potentially life-threatening gaps in sex dolls. If all hopes come true, the market should have reached its limit, right?

Whole body TPE love doll has not reached the limit
Of course, today's love dolls meet almost every optical trend. While they were all about gender and fluidity in their preparations, I still wanted to touch on some important issues today.

The first is the photocouple problem that is close to life. TPE sex dolls are light and beautiful, but not as real as silicone dolls or Chinese lover dolls.

Another problem is Aiwawa's immobility. They may be easy, but they still have problems with lack of sex and everyday life. Also, there are better, more stable, and easier-to-repair materials in the conversation, because the previous lover dolls are still too delicate, and some people often don't have the knowledge of real-life doll friends to repair... .

Also, the service problem is currently only a good solution to the US problem. Love dolls are not standard products like cars and TVs. No company or large corporation produces these. In the manual labor of many small businesses, love dolls are a very emotional product. People order love dolls emotionally, forgetting about maintenance, product reviews, legal warranties and other issues. You can make a lover doll for $300 to $6,000.

There are several ways to solve these problems, but they are far from solved, so the development of Aiwawa has not come to an end.

Love doll friends to solve some problems
Other questions address the imagination and craftsmanship of love doll friends. Myminisexdoll has created a good service structure. Imaginative people bring a little 'energy' to love dolls by giving them souls or using assistive devices such as wheelchairs, bathtub lifts, etc. You can read about the results in the forum.

But the biggest challenge for the next few years is the liveliness of sex dolls. The topic of robotic sex dolls has been around for a long time, and there have been preliminary results, some of which have been tested on real-life dolls. But it's not mature enough to offer many doll-loving friends.

It will exist for a while with the beautiful real doll. You will be attracted by male love dolls, sweet sex dolls or other materials of other beautiful varieties. This is not the last stage of the development of love dolls, but they are prettier, very sexy, and most importantly, they are fully tested.

They are currently at their highest level and can be used with mini sex doll that are close to life. So instead of waiting for the next step, attack directly. It's worth it.