Sword God-Dugu Red _ txt Novel Paradise

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Huang Junxiang's lips flashed a cold smile. "Oh," she said, "I see. That's really grateful to you. Liu Bufan: Your scheming is in vain.

Huang Junxiang's lips flashed a cold smile. "Oh," she said, "I see. That's really grateful to you. Liu Bufan: Your scheming is in vain. You repay kindness with resentment and bite the hand that feeds you. You hurt the day of regret in a despicable way. Then you go to tell Jiangshan that the day of regret has robbed me. You want to kill the day of remorse by the hand of Jiangshan; Now you turn around and light a fire in front of the day of regret. Liu Bufan said, "You are very sinister. You are too mean. It is a great scourge to leave you in the world. Today you are dead and gone." As soon as she had said this, the day of regret had already jumped up, and the knife was sold in midair, and the other people's knife merged into one, only to see a cold light like electricity shooting into the woods. At this moment, the cold light has shot to the edge of the forest, an earth-shaking shock, several trees fell down, branches and leaves flying, dust flying, the momentum is not surprising to see that the cold light rolled into the forest, left and right, like lightning. Where the cold light passed, trees fell down one after another, and in an instant a forest became so sparse that it could be seen through to the other side of the forest at a glance. Huang Junfei got cold and shouted, "I hate heaven!" The cold light is converging, and I regret that the sword of Heaven stands in the bushes of the trees, and the Han people of Shawei. "Have you found him yet?" Asked Huang Jun. Day of remorse cold tunnel: "This thing is cunning enough,stesweet stevia, let him run unexpectedly." Just as Huang Jun was about to speak, he caught a glimpse of a yellow shadow running northwest from Baizhang. She quickly raised her hand and said, "There it is." The day of regret turned around and looked up with a long roar of cracking stones through the clouds. He jumped after him, and Huang Jun jumped up in a hurry. Liu Bufan's martial arts are not as good as regret, but his flying skills are superior to others, and he does not run straight, sometimes east,phycocyanin spirulina, sometimes west, running around. In less than a cup of tea, he ran away and disappeared. As soon as Huang Jun saw this situation, he quickly stopped the day of regret. The day of regret immediately stopped. He was so angry and resentful that he mercilessly cooled a few knives in the void. When Huang Jun reached him, he grabbed his arm and said, "I hate God!"! Don't be like this, the mountain does not turn around, we will meet him, and he is not a rootless person, what's the hurry? He gritted his teeth and said, "This thing is too mean, too sinister, and too hateful. I must kill him. If I can't meet him in Jianghu, I'll go to his house." "That's my idea," said Huang Jun. "We have a lot of work to do now." Regret day's gas seemed to disappear a little, carnosic acid price ,turmeric extract powder, eyes a congealed way: "Do you think Liu Bufan's words are credible?" Huang Jun shook his head and said, "No!"! I don't believe it! I absolutely do not believe that he will hand over the disabled old man to the "disabled master". Yes! "I don't believe it," said the regretful Heaven. "I'm not referring to this. I'm referring to what Liu Bufan said. Nangong Haitian and Leng Tiesheng exchanged that old man with Chu Yunqiu for that page of three-weapon swordsmanship. As a result, Chu Yunqiu took the old man away with the help of the two men in the" Three Wonders of the Wind and Dust. " Huang Jun hesitated for a moment and said, "It's believable. For one thing, Liu Bufan is vivid. For another, he aims to provoke a struggle between you and Chu Yunqiu. If it's empty but not real, he won't risk sending you the antidote." A look of excitement flashed across the face of the day of regret. "I hope I'm really too busy," he said. "That's a pity. Do we still need to go to Yangzhou now?" "I think.." said Huang Jun. I saw a group of people running in the distance, and there seemed to be a sedan chair in the group. Huang Jun's expression suddenly shook and he said hurriedly, "I hate heaven!"! My foster mother is here. Regret Tianren turned to look. That group of people race over the galloping horse, this sentence time has entered the fifty women, is really Chu Yunqiu has seen the "double phoenix door Lord." That team, Huang Jun, cried out in a low voice: "I hate heaven!"! Get on your knees with me. She knelt down with a short and delicate body. The day of regret hesitated for a moment and knelt down. As soon as the two of them knelt down, the man from the "Master of the Double Phoenix Gate" had already arrived. He stopped within ten feet, only to hear the "Master of the Double Phoenix Gate" say coldly, "Who stopped the sedan chair?" The four Dharma protectors bowed their heads and did not dare to speak. Huang Jun lowered his head and said, "It's Xiaojun, my godmother." "So it's the princess of the Double Phoenix Gate," said the Master of the Double Phoenix Gate. "How dare I? Please get up quickly." "My godmother," said Huang Jun, "you are guilty. ” Master Shuangfeng gave a sneer and said, "What are you guilty of? It's my fault that Master Shuangfeng is inhuman.." "Righteous day.." said Huang Jun. The Master of the Double Phoenix Gate said coldly in a deep voice, "Do you still recognize me as a righteous man?"? Do you still have my adoptive mother in your eyes? "You know your crime," said Huang Jun. "I'm willing to follow the rules." Master Shuangfeng did not speak. After a moment, she sighed and said, "If you had let me find you a few days ago, I would have punished you with the most severe door rules, but now.." I've already abolished that inhuman rule, so I'm not going to punish you, that is to say, I promise you to follow the man named Jiangshan. Huang Jun hurriedly shook the head of the ant and said, "No, godmother, don't mention Jiangshan." "It's not Jiangshan," said the Master of the Double Phoenix Gate in surprise. "I heard from Dharma Protector Pan that you were very close to that young man named Jiangshan." Huang Junjiao matched red and lowered her head. But she raised her head again and said, "Dharma Protector Pan, they're right. Jun is just talking about Jiangshan.." But later Jun found that Jiangshan was just a kind of worship, not from feelings. Master Shuangfeng said in a deep voice, "Nonsense! How can you do that? What on earth is going on?" Huang Jun then told the story of how she had been robbed by the day of regret and her own transformation. Is there such a thing? With a sneer, the Master of the Double Phoenix Gate said, "I said how could he kneel down with you? So it's.." I have abolished that inhuman rule, and I no longer blame you, but I can't help but pursue the matter of robbing my "Princess Shuangfeng" by means of the next five doors, and I can't let you marry such a misconduct.. " The day of remorse suddenly raised his head and said,best green coffee bean extract, "Master!"! The younger generation has no choice. Otherwise, the younger generation can't get Miss Huang. But the younger generation knows that this is wrong. The younger generation is willing to accept everything. They only ask the master to help the younger generation and Miss Huang. The younger generation loves her more than they love themselves. They can't help the master at all costs. The people of "Double Phoenix Gate" were all moved by it, but they didn't listen to the Lord of Double Phoenix Gate. prius-biotech.com