Don't forget each other (end)

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Help son saw the situation was not good and ran away, Pei Zhen stood alone under the porch looking at the clouds on the horizon, secretly made up his mind, this world, to keep their own family is the most important, Su Qing in the name of the king of Yan to pinch him, in the future nothing

Help son saw the situation was not good and ran away, Pei Zhen stood alone under the porch looking at the clouds on the horizon, secretly made up his mind, this world, to keep their own family is the most important, Su Qing in the name of the king of Yan to pinch him, in the future nothing but to leave Xiao Gan a dog life, she will be returned to him, also worthy of her five years of hard work on him every day. Turned back to the side hall, Zhang Yuzhu can not know what to talk about, happy to laugh, Pei Zhen sat down and said, "but what is interesting?" Zhang Yu stammered, "It's not a funny thing. Let's talk about some unfashionable jokes, which will not pollute your ears." Pei Zhen said with a smile, "then I'll give you two a smile." Zhang Zhang clasped his hands and said, "Very good." Pei Zhen took a sip of wine and said, "Once upon a time, there was a family who married a girl and went to another place. Three days later, when they returned to Ning, their mother asked, 'Is the native land the same?"? "The girl replied,plastic cosmetic tubes," Only the pillow is different. My hometown is on the head, and the other place is on the waist. Both of them burst into laughter. Zhu Neng said, "In the past, I only knew that Mingyue Jun had made a decision, but I didn't know that even the dirty jokes were so good!" Pei Zhen laughed and said, "At least cover for me. Don't spread it and ruin my reputation." The crowd laughed again for a while, and Zhang said with a straight face, "After the meeting,empty cosmetic tubes, it will be better if the flying pigeon passes on the book. Since we don't move, it's time for Wang Ye to go to the sky. Lao Tzu wants to die. If his son is not in front of him, he will always give people a handle." Pei Zhen stroked Guangguang's chin with a little cold light in his eyes and said, "As soon as Emperor Gaozu died, after the first seven days, His Highness the King of Yan would go crazy." Chapter 20 the secret of sister Su. Updated June 3, 2011 21:04:06 Words: 3410 Zhang and Zhu were sent to Dayan Lane. Uncle Zhen was in a good mood today and decided to go to the Golden Key Hall to visit Grandma Zhen, who had been banned by him. In fact, besides the lack of a husband, Grandma Zhen did not lack anything else, and her life was very comfortable and leisurely. When Pei Zhen entered the door, she was sitting under the porch teasing the parrot, with a peach heart bun and a three-inch golden lotus, and a girl standing behind her, smiling at the corners of her mouth. It was originally a picture of a beautiful woman, polyfoil tube ,cosmetic tube, but she didn't want to see Pei Zhen at the end of her eyes. She immediately pulled her pretty face three feet long. On the contrary, Uncle Zhen, Xu was also annoyed with her and snorted coldly. "He groaned in his heart." Sure enough, it's a resentful couple. It's like this when you look at each other. " Do you know that someone has come from Peiping? Pei Zhen put his hands behind his back and sent the assistant and the servant girl out. Sister Su leaned over to him and said, "I'm grounded now. How do I know what's going on outside?". What are you doing here? But you're going to rest here again tonight? Pei Zhen turned the fence, sat down on the round stool, and said indifferently, "Those two men went to Dayan Lane. I'm afraid they won't be able to come back tonight. I ran to show them to someone." Sister Su's nose was sour, and she could not tell the taste in her heart. Even if she was bent, there was no place to complain. She had no chance with him in her life. When Pei Zhen saw that she didn't speak, he added, "I haven't thanked you for coming back to Lixuezhai to invite someone for me. Grandma is really broad-minded and watertight. Now I have no face to see her again. Are you happy now?" When Sister Su heard this, she became angry. She threw the stick in her hand and said angrily, "Did the fox spirit tell you?"? Are you here to ask for punishment? What's wrong with me inviting her? Are you willing to put your darling meat outside? If you are hooked up, don't you want to jump to death! My good intentions turned into a donkey's liver and lungs, and the little whore really had some tricks. As a whore, she wanted to set up a memorial archway. In that case, I'd like to fight to see who would win! My life is over. How can I make you feel better? Pei Zhen stood up and sneered, "Don't talk about her with your dirty mouth. You're a whore and a whore. You're still a young lady of the editor's family. Don't feel ashamed. Do you still want face?" Sister Su snorted, "The inside is all gone. Why do you want to save face?" Pei Zhen made a gesture and said bitterly, "I didn't know that you should think like this. You have occupied the title of Grandma Zhen. We haven't even had a round house. What reason do you have to fight with her? If I were you, I would have found a place to hide my face long ago. How can I have the nerve to go out of the garden?". ” Sister Su was so angry that she trembled and said with trembling fingers, "You." Did you come to quarrel with me? Pei Zhen saw that her face was as pale as a ghost, so he swallowed the worse words back into his stomach, thinking that it was not good to be angry to death. Outsiders said that it was not good for Uncle Zhen to kill his wife! Sister Su waited for a long time before saying, "It wasn't my wish to marry you at the beginning. You don't have to run against me like this. Poor and humble couples can still help each other, not to mention people like us." Pei Zhen said in a deep voice, "I stopped the flying pigeon on your wedding night, and the pigeon also asked the kitchen to stew soup!"! If I don't get close to you, I'll see how you play tricks on me! To tell you the truth, I also pity you. Since you are affectionate and righteous with Xiao Lang, how can you sit and watch you marry me, not afraid of my fake play? It was a hot summer, but Sister Su broke out in a cold sweat. She fell down in her chair, losing her face, and said, "Did you know that?" Pei Zhen didn't care much and said with a smile, "How could the King of Yan send you?"! You are obviously a man of the King of Yan. In fact, the real master is the King of Ning. You want to take advantage of the consummation of marriage to bewitch me, right? Sister Su said in despair, "If you know, why don't you kill me?" Pei Zhen blinked his eyes and said, "I want to use you to pin down Xiao Gan. Don't worry. No one knows about this. It's not easy to live in troubled times. Leave you here. If King Ning rises up, I'll have a way out." Sister Su was disheartened and said, "You just had a showdown with me now, but for Liu Wuwang?" Pei Zhen was absent for a moment and whispered, "She's a miserable woman. I just hope you don't do anything to her." Sister Su giggled, laughing so hard that she couldn't stand up straight and her tears surged. Pei Zhen squinted at him, and his face gradually took on the color of frost. Sister Su managed to stop laughing and raised her voice. "Does she have a hard life?"? If she has your uncle,plastic laminted tube, she won't have a hard life any more. It's me who has a hard life! I wanted to be a real couple with you, but I didn't want you to use me! Pei Zhen shook his head and said, "What's the use of saying that now? You and I are our respective masters. We are neither friends nor enemies." 。