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Gao Yongrong asked Gao's body, and his tone was full of concern. Hearing that Gao said he was all right, he breathed a sigh of relief and said, "My niece has long wanted to bring Deng'er to visit my uncle.

Gao Yongrong asked Gao's body, and his tone was full of concern. Hearing that Gao said he was all right, he breathed a sigh of relief and said, "My niece has long wanted to bring Deng'er to visit my uncle. First, she had a lot of business. Second, she heard that my uncle had closed the door recently. She was afraid of disturbing my uncle's pure heart and recuperation, so she couldn't make the trip.". I finally went home today, and I was relieved to see my uncle well. I implore my uncle to be relieved and recuperate. The well-being of my uncle is a blessing for me. Gao Qiu was noncommittal, and his eyes fell on the young emperor sitting beside Gao Yongrong, as if he were thinking about something, slightly entranced. When Gao Yongrong noticed this, he quickly said, "Deng'er is stupid, and because he is young, he has not formally entered school. But his niece dares not relax. She has nothing to do on weekdays, so she teaches him some of the deeds of Yao, Shun, Yu, Tang, the sages and the ancient sages. I hope he can become a wise king in the future.". Fortunately, this child is diligent and devoted to learning. After the first emperor left, it was also a comfort for me. As if her own words drew out her sadness, her eyes were slightly red,Prison toilet for sale, she lowered her head to take the handkerchief and gently wiped her tears. Gao Qiu withdrew his eyes and nodded: "The young man can be taught." Gao Yongrong broke his tears with a smile on his face and said, "My uncle has praised me.". Last year, when the late emperor was still alive, the late emperor wanted to ask his uncle to act as Prince Taifu and personally teach Deng'er to study. Later, the country was in chaos and the late emperor died unfortunately, so the matter was not settled. Now that the affairs of the state have been pacified, I take this opportunity to ask my niece for a favor. When my uncle is in good health, can he spare the time to be the Taifu of Deng'er in the future? "My uncle is talented and well-educated,stainless steel squatting pan, so he can learn one or two points from my uncle, which will be of great benefit to him in the future." Gao Qiu gazed at Gao Yongrong without saying a word. In the study, it suddenly quieted down, and I could only hear the bubbling sound of the boiling water in the teapot. The atmosphere suddenly became a little unusual. Luo Shen poured the tea and gently brought it to the two of them. Gao Qiu finally opened his mouth and said word by word, "Since ancient times, the monarch's talent and learning have always been secondary.". The virtue of the king is the first. His tone sounded very dignified. Luo Shen looked quietly at his father and then at his cousin. Gao Yongrong seemed to be in a daze. He probably didn't expect Gao to answer like this. After a pause, he immediately reacted and said with a smile, "Uncle is absolutely right.". Niece means that besides learning from his uncle, Denger also needs his uncle to teach him more about the way to be a monarch and the way to be a man. She motioned to the young emperor and asked him to perform the kneeling ceremony of the disciple to the teacher. The child was taught by his mother to be very clever. He immediately got up and wanted to salute Gao Qiu as a disciple, but Gao Qiu held him up. With a smile on his face, he gazed at the child and gently told him to sit back without saluting himself, then turned to Gao Yongrong. Your Majesty's age, like a sapling first rooted in the ground, is a good opportunity to teach. Avoid indulgence and indulgence. Only when you have an enlightened master to guide you in your studies can you become a wise king in the future. I can't take on this task. Langya Yan Gui is far more talented than me. When he was young, he was famous for his sincerity and filial piety in the village. He can be the teacher of the emperor. Another Feng Wei, character and talent, Service Sink Faucets ,Time Delay Tap, can also be competent. After I go, you can hire the two of them as Taifu. I expect both of them will do their best to teach your majesty. Gao Yongrong was silent for a moment. Suddenly he looked at Luo Shen and said with a smile, "Ah Mi, would you please take Deng Er out to have a rest for a while?" Luo Shen knew that when she came to see her father tonight, it must have something to do with the resignation submitted by her father during the day. Having said so much just now, it's time to get down to business. She glanced at her father and saw that he looked indifferent. Nuo Sheng got up and led the young emperor out of the study. When Luo Shen left, Gao Yongrong said, "Uncle, to tell you the truth, my niece is coming home tonight to visit my uncle. She also wants to beg my uncle. Can she withdraw her resignation and stay in the court?" "I know this is an unkind request.". My uncle is still grieving for the death of my aunt. My niece felt the same way. But the dead cannot be brought back to life. My uncle's heart was in the Northern Expedition, and he was in the prime of life. He should be showing his ambition. If he retired, it would not only be a loss to my court, but also to my uncle himself. Wouldn't it be a pity? She paused. Besides, I have always regarded my uncle as a parent, and I do not hide it in front of my uncle. The reason why I hope my uncle can stay, in addition to the reason just now, is also for the consideration of Deng Er. Her eyes gradually turned red again, and her tone was sad. Unfortunately, the late emperor died of illness. Deng'er was young, and I was a woman, an orphan and a widow. The situation was already difficult. The rebellion had just been settled, and the court was still suffering from internal and external troubles. If my uncle left, there would be such a chaotic situation in the future. Who would take charge of the overall situation and who would assist the young emperor? The niece begged her uncle to stay and continue to preside over the government when she was well rested and took the overall situation into account. Dayu can't live without his uncle! "Feng Wei will be my prime minister," said Gao Qiu. "Li Mu will be fu. One of them will be in charge of the interior, and the other will be in charge of the exterior.". I have also drawn up a list of officials who can be put to important positions, which I have submitted with my resignation today. In the future, with the honor of the queen mother, you will assist the young emperor. When things happen, you will consult with the two of them. You will use more people on the list to stir up the turbidity and promote the purity. Even when things happen, why should you be afraid of having nothing to rely on? "Compared to uncle," said Gao Yongrong, "other people have other surnames after all.." "Don't you believe Li Mu?" Asked Gao Qiu. Gao Yongrong was stunned and quickly explained, "Uncle, don't misunderstand.". How can a niece not trust her brother-in-law? It's just that Your Majesty is young, and I'm a woman. I don't know anything about court affairs. Orphans and widows, it's hard to avoid thinking more thoroughly, and I dare not take everything lightly.. Gao Qiu smiled faintly and said, "Why should the queen mother be self-deprecating?". When the late emperor was alive, seven or eight of the memorials handed over by the ministers were probably written by the late emperor Zhu. Deal with the government, the queen mother is already familiar with the road. Now there is Li Mu outside, there is Feng Wei inside, you just need to follow the rules, step by step, good health to do your queen mother, assist the young emperor, when the young emperor comes of age in the future, why can't you rest assured? Gao Yongrong's heart jumped, his face changed slightly, and he looked at him and saw his eyes fall on his face with a cold look. Her first reaction was a flat denial. But in a short moment, several thoughts flashed through my mind. Once upon a time,Stainless Steel Toilet China, when she read memorials for the emperor, she imitated the handwriting, which was so secret that only a few trusted followers knew about it.