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This represents a group of level 25 players who originally had the output of Zhange. After the boss skill, they were suppressed by more than 10 levels and completely lost their combat effectiveness.

This represents a group of level 25 players who originally had the output of Zhange. After the boss skill, they were suppressed by more than 10 levels and completely lost their combat effectiveness. Not to mention, the nine-tailed fox is the first to kill hidden, equipment updates, under the ebb and flow, the war lost the first kill, can be said to have lost a little injustice. It is not a problem that can be solved by individual ability, but the gap of the overall strength of the team! Chen Bin lit a cigarette, and after saying all this, the whole group sighed. Alas, Nie Yan with this group of players, with the boss to fight to the residual blood, is not easy. The bad woman is a loyal fan of the nine-tailed fox, even though Nie Yan only acted as the acting captain of the nine-tailed fox in one or two matches when Chen Bin's visa was in trouble. Speaking of combat effectiveness, it is estimated that they have already been reduced. The people of our regiment have all withdrawn from the range of skills as soon as they are released from the corroded land. Can you expect all the players to withdraw with their skills? Said the rising sun. Just like when we were hiding, we were busy running the map. "It's a tragedy." The sheep riding the wolf made a smiling face, "all the storms and waves came together, but in the end, they lost in a small skill that could not be observed." Anyway, we won! President, keep it. The crowd called for blue and white. Here it comes. Blue and white finally got up from under the table and started to save the progress of the copy. As soon as the first killing group left the copy, the elites sent by the major guilds were called by their respective guild presidents to ask about the copy. The masters of Emei of Buyun Guild, both of them were in a tense battle, and the recording perspective was not good, so they went to ask other guilds to get the video, and followed up with these masters of Emei to analyze together. "The red dragonfly is much simpler, and it directly calls them together in the group, the soft dance of the water and the edge of the rising sun." How do you feel now? Asked the red dragonfly. Feeling? I think I can lead a group of thirty people by myself. The rising sun answered sharply. I didn't ask you that. The red dragonfly is speechless. Sharp you blow it, "Cuidi Chunliu made a contemptuous gesture, and then answered the words of the red dragonfly," President, I think the copy of the barracks is not so difficult, but we used to open up wasteland, are used to the group out, it is easy to give up, but missed some good opportunities to read the copy. " "My view is the same as Chunliu," Tiantian said. "With the copy of Zero Point, the playing method is the second, Cold Drawn Tubes ,stainless steel tube 304, mainly to build confidence. The hidden boss is Xiaowu, which makes everyone hold up, so it is not destroyed. As long as you don't give up casually, you can continue to play in many cases." "President, it should be no problem for our team to come back with a hundred people with a few first killing groups." Lost in the Devil's Way. Uh But maybe you don't have so much time to download more copies with him. "Why?" "There are more than 800 players who have reached level 30 on the server." Red Dragonfly Road. Oh, is it time for a battle? "Well, the server level 30 players over a thousand people, will open the battlefield, you finish playing this copy these days, will come back.". I will clarify the details with their president. "All right." Several people answered. Xiaowu, why don't you say a word today? The Red Dragonfly called the roll. Ah? Nothing. I was too tired to recover from the copy just now. I'm sorry. Shuirou dance sent a smiling face. Today these two bosses are really tired in charge of Emei. Cuidi Chunliu nodded their heads one after another. But correspondingly, the harvest should not be small, right? Right, Xiaowu? Asked the red dragonfly. Uh What can I say? "Is there anything inconvenient to say?" "That's not." "What's the matter, Xiaowu? You don't seem to be in a good mood?" Everyone in the group is concerned. I have a feeling that the more I learn, the bigger the gap between myself and the master. "That's a good thing. If you know where the difference is, it's not far to become a master!" The red dragonfly comforted her. No, "Shuirou typed slowly," I mean, that kind of gap sometimes makes me feel that I can't make up for it all my life! " "Well, what's the reason." The red dragonfly didn't understand. Who knows. "Shuirou dance with a wry smile." The blue and white operation goes back to the city at night and counts the explosion of No.1 boss. Of course, the first thing to look for is gold equipment, hidden boss burst equipment, attributes are too strong, not suitable for smelting to do ring mold, No.1 boss strength is not as good as hidden boss, falling things attributes are naturally not so strong, but may produce more suitable things. The inventory of copies dropped can not be completed in a short time. We can only pick out the equipment that the team can replace first, distribute it, and then sort out the other things slowly. The headless corpse king dropped thirty-four pieces of equipment and eleven weapons, but this time Ziwu was less, only two in total. But in these two weapons, there is a gold dagger [Wind and Snow] with high basic attributes and weak additional attributes, which is very suitable for smelting ring molds. Jewelry is a very fragile thing, once the mold is not suitable, it is likely to fail directly. It is not easy to get into the ring smoothly because of the special material attributes of the moonless night. This should be a good mold for smelting. Let me have a look at the Luoshu making drawing of your ring. Lan Bai said to Chen Bin. Uh Chen Bin took the draft of the design to Blue and White, "Have you found the right equipment to smelt the mould?" "You come and see, I'm not sure." Blue and white mouse hover, open the attribute of [snowstorm] to Chen Bin. Wait The jade pendant in your backpack. Chen Bin suddenly saw another thing, temporarily moved the blue and white mouse away from the snowstorm and pointed to the jade pendant he saw. Just a copy of the drop of a purple jewelry, "blue and white at first did not pay much attention,Precision steel tubes, such as Chen Bin moved the mouse up, before a sudden surprise," this. Isn't this the jade pendant?! 。