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Only the next day, Zhou Ziyun sent out the sound cards he had just received. And the price of these sound cards originally thought that Lin Mu could be a little cheaper at most, but I didn't expect that the sound cards brought by Zhou Ziyun only cost one thousand yuan a set, which sa

Only the next day, Zhou Ziyun sent out the sound cards he had just received. And the price of these sound cards originally thought that Lin Mu could be a little cheaper at most, but I didn't expect that the sound cards brought by Zhou Ziyun only cost one thousand yuan a set, which saved Lin Mu a lot of money. Uncle Dengying narrowed his eyes and took a hard puff of a panda cigarette in his mouth. After exhaling the smoke ring, an affectionate "oh ~ ~" suddenly jumped out of his mouth. If someone is next to him at this time, he will be scared out of goose bumps by his "oh ~ ~". Whew ~, half of the lines are finally recorded, this time the great God must be satisfied, ha ha ha ~ ~ ………… Dream-chasing silk soul, originally a shiny hair is now disheveled, he scratched his head gloomily, so that the hair is more disheveled. His grandmother's, I don't believe that my lines can't reach this "affectionate" mood. " Later, the dream-chasing soul imagined the feeling when he first spoke his mind to the girl he liked that day, and gradually, a "affectionate" line finally came out of his mouth. I really can't do anything about the slow update these days. It's not that I'm not more, but I don't have much time to write these days. I'm not a slow typist. I can type a hundred words a minute. But I can't code a novel. I'm used to thinking while coding. A thousand words have to be coded for an hour, and sometimes it's even slower when it's stuck. I can only apologize for this, these two days are not more, but there are book friends every day to vote for my recommendation, ashamed I can only say thank you. Chapter 95 about to be born. Chapter 95 about to be born. It was not until the netizens of these more than 20 forums received the sound card that the sound quality recorded met Lin Mu's requirements. At this time, Zhou Ziyun took the initiative to ask Lin Mu to give him the procuratorial work of recording lines, so as to share the pressure of Lin Mu's work,Automatic nail machine, and Lin Mu readily agreed. Anyway, Zhou Ziyun's casting work has been carried out nearly half, and now there are a lot of forum netizens selected, so it doesn't matter if the casting is not carried out during this period of time. Every netizen of the forum tried his best to make his lines perfect. Zhou Ziyun also carefully examined the lines sent by everyone, and then compared their words in the Xianliu script, striving to give the best results to Lin Mu. With the skillful technique, Lin Mu's production speed is faster and faster. Time passed, and a month passed in a twinkling of an eye. Lin Mu is about to enter his sophomore year, and he is not a freshman from now on. Instead, Zhou Ziyun was admitted to the same school as his sister and will become Lin Mu's junior. On this day, Lin Mu was sitting in front of the computer, chatting with Zhou Ziyun. Yeah, wire nail machine manufacturers ,High Speed Nail Making Machine, it's just a simple chat. After such a long time of contact with Lin Mu, Zhou Ziyun has been very clear about the character of the "strong network" opposite. It is hard to believe that Zhou Ziyun originally thought that zero was either a cold and arrogant person or a master of loneliness. Can contact for so long, zero gave him the feeling is very approachable, really let him can not believe. And whenever he talked about some topics with zero, Zhou Ziyun had an illusion that zero was about the same age as himself and was very similar to him in some things. However, Zhou Ziyun does not think zero is very young. If zero, who has mastered so many powerful technologies, is only in his teens or twenties, then his IQ can only be described as a devil. As for Zhou Ziyun having time to chat with Lin Mu today, it is because Lin Mu told him that the first episode of Xianliu will enter the post-processing stage. That is to say, non-linear editing software is used to connect each video clip, and then add dubbing, music, subtitles and other operations. So today Lin Mu will be lazy and have a good rest. Two people chatted some very common things, but mostly is Lin Mu is asking, Zhou Ziyun is answering. In the face of Lin Mu, Zhou Ziyun is not as cautious as before, there is no lack of humor in his fluent words, when he learned that Zhou Ziyun will enter the same university as him, Lin Mu can not help but feel a little surprised. After all, through the dialogue with Zhou Ziyun, we know that Zhou Ziyun's college entrance examination results rank in the top 20 of his school, which is enough to study in a better university. Unexpectedly, he chose the same school as Lin Mu. Asked Zhou Ziyun why, he answered Lin Mu that the university was close to his home, so he chose it. Anyway, it's the same wherever he goes to school. After graduation, he can't escape his father's evil hands. Lin Mu jokingly replied, "How can you say that it's the same to go to any school?"? A girl who looks as good as you and goes to a better university is better. Unexpectedly, the great God of zero teased himself so much that Zhou Ziyun scratched his head awkwardly and dared not drag on this topic. Zhou Ziyun: "Right, senior, since you are about to enter the post-production process of the first episode of Xianliu, when will the trailer be released?" Lin Mu patted his forehead. "Damn it, I forgot about this thing." Had it not been for Zhou Ziyun's reminder, Lin Mu would have missed it. This movie trailer is an indispensable way to promote a movie before it is released, and it is certain that a good movie trailer is absolutely indispensable. But Lin Mu forgot such an important thing, this damn head. Trailer refers to a short film in which the essential segments are deliberately arranged and edited in order to make an unforgettable impression and achieve an attractive effect. Trailers for a movie are generally divided into advance trailers, official trailers, Super Bowl trailers and movie trailers. The six immortals produced by Lin Mu only need to release an official trailer. This kind of trailer is usually released one to two months before the film is released,Nail production machine, and the length of the trailer is usually only two or three minutes. It is mainly to edit the essence of the film and combine it into a short film of a few minutes in order to attract the audience. Correctly speaking, the 59-second video that Lin Mu made before can be regarded as a trailer, but Lin Mu did not make it completely. 3shardware.com