The day [year] of becoming a white lotus

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Thank you very much for your support, I will continue to work hard! Chapter 91. As soon as Wu Liang saw Bai He's face, he cried out, "I can explain!" All right, you explain!

Thank you very much for your support, I will continue to work hard! Chapter 91. As soon as Wu Liang saw Bai He's face, he cried out, "I can explain!" All right, you explain! Explain how you picked this neighbor! Bai He put his sleeping little son into the crib and said without looking back. I didn't pick this. I deliberately picked it next to the Luo family. You have seen the sister-in-law of the Luo family. Is she still OK? The only military doctor nearby was Su Zheng's sister-in-law Wei Ci. I didn't think about her at all when I picked the house. I really didn't know she would come to me, and I was puzzled! What did she say about this? Wu Liang really did not expect Wei Ci to come to the door, he and Wei Ci can not say that there is any relationship! Afraid that Wei Ci would talk nonsense, Wu Liang asked cautiously. He didn't say anything, but expressed his contempt for rural women, and perhaps his sympathy for your limp eyes. White lotus sneers, think of today her reaction is too slow to be despised, have not been able to go back to feel angry, perhaps people thought she was afraid of it! What? "She is lame!"! Daughter-in-law, don't listen to her. She is absolutely jealous. My daughter-in-law is so good that she can't compare with her. Where is the face of contempt? She must be jealous! From the bottom of his heart, Wu Liang thought that Wei Ci was absolutely because he could not compare with his own daughter-in-law. His daughter-in-law was beautiful, kind and skillful. She was a triplet all her life. What could not compare with Wei Ci? Don't think I'll let you go just because I flatter you! If it wasn't for you, they could come to me? Who do I know about her? Wu Liang's rainbow fart is comfortable, especially his solemn appearance, Bai He almost believed it, but she still has self-knowledge, in the eyes of the secular world, Wei Ci's condition is much better than her. "I really have nothing to do with her, if there is a relationship, that is,Automatic Nail Making Machine, Su Zheng once wanted to make a match, this Su Zheng vaguely mentioned to me, at that time busy, did not attend to, plus you see my condition, if not for your good wife, I have a good life, who would like to be a stepmother?"? Especially Wei Ci such a proud young woman, our army took a fancy to her,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, she did not take a fancy to her, I did not reply at that time, out of a task back no longer below, his family did not say anything, I did not hear, then there is no relationship, I do not know she can come to the door ah! You believe me, wife! Wu Liang felt that he was going to die unjustly, not even a formal introduction or look at each other, Su Zheng was so mentioned, he did not reply later, who knows what crazy this Wei Ci sent! "If Sue hadn't taken a fancy to you, would she have mentioned it to you?" White lotus white he one eye, this listen to know what the situation well, since so many people like Wei Ci did not become, that proves Wei Ci is an idea, if she does not nod, Nail machine supplier ,wire nail machine manufacturers, Su Zheng where may come to hint? It is estimated that the girl's family is not good to take the initiative, let Wu Liang express it, who knows this is a wooden head! But then why didn't you say it? Bai He guessed that Wei Ci was arrogant and could not pull down his face once, or that Wu Liang could not refuse, was waiting, who knew that he would get married after a trip back? Wu Liang was said to be stunned, thought about it, it seems reasonable, but what does it have to do with him, "it has nothing to do with me, I am married!"! Daughter-in-law, my heart for you is really a lesson from heaven and earth. You can't blame me for other people's mistakes, can you? This is almost the same, white lotus heart a sweet, her son after revenge she is not very angry, just to give Wu Liang a lesson, save to the army days can not live in peace, "said all good, who knows!" "Yes, sister, you can't let it go easily. Otherwise, we still have so much luggage to solve, and we can pack it up quickly. Or we can pack it up tomorrow or go home. It's only the first day, and someone came to us. I don't know how many people are waiting for us in the future!" After listening for a long time, Erbao could not help but quietly come out from the door to make a statement, saying a few good words to coax people? His sister is easy to coax, but Bai Erbao is not easy to coax! "What are the children involved in?"! Who told you to eavesdrop! Why don't you go to bed? Wu Liang turned his head to stare at Erbao, and then looked at Jianguo, who was two heads shorter than Erbao, and poked his head out. He was even more angry! Doesn't he want to save face? Just put down the posture to coax the daughter-in-law that is the husband and wife interest, but was a little ashamed to be known by the little devil, Wu Liang's face is getting colder and colder, but if you look carefully, your neck is slowly red. Bai He stood in his spare time, and when Wu Liang looked over, he did not forget to nod and think, as if he was considering the feasibility of the matter. Wu Liang naturally knew that his daughter-in-law could not leave, but he could not help worrying, "Jianguo, coax your mother, or your mother will go back to her hometown!" In front of the child, should he at least carry some? Embarrassed by his shameless appearance, Wu Liang decided to send his son out. Mom will go back to her hometown, and I will go back with her too! Jianguo doesn't quite understand why he can't go back to his hometown, which is also very interesting, and there are big flowers and ties. Puff! Bai He couldn't help laughing and looked at Wu Liang. "Look, your son won't help you!" Wu Liang took a helpless look at his son, "what a fool!"! Your mother doesn't want me. What do you have to do with your mother? Jianguo didn't seem to understand. He looked at Erbao. Erbao touched his head sympathetically and didn't speak. All right! Erbao, take Jianguo back to sleep quickly. What time is it? There's nothing for you here. White lotus eyes at any time a point to the triplets, see the second child seems to sleep unsteadily, immediately interrupted a few people who still want to talk, Erbao and Jianguo to drive back. Time is really not early, today is a tired day,Nail machine manufacturer, a relaxed white lotus also some can not hold up sleepy. The two little ones were driven away and they all went back to the room. Bai He closed the door. "Today Wei Ci is here for you to pass the customs for the time being. You have to thank your youngest son. If I find out later that what you said is inconsistent with the facts, you can wait for me!" He yawned and taught him a lesson. Bai He was too lazy to entangle him any more, so he let Wu Liang go.