What problems should be paid attention to in steel sheet pile construction?

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The construction of steel sheet pile should pay attention to the following matters:

Steel sheet pile construction in the dock, freight yard, revetment, rocks, fixed, breakwater, diversion dike, buoys, dock, sluices, water diversion pipe, foundation, cut-off, water retaining wall, and so on permanent structures, and the excavation retaining wall, TuSha collapse prevention board, temporary revetment, cofferdam works, closed, temporary center island and other temporary structures such as is often applied in the process. Domestic construction are completed by professional construction enterprises. The construction of steel sheet pile should pay attention to the following matters:

1. Organize the entry time of steel sheet piles according to the construction schedule or site conditions to ensure that the construction of steel sheet piles meets the requirements of the progress. The pile position of steel sheet piles is scattered along the supporting line according to the construction requirements and site conditions, so as to avoid the secondary handling caused by concentrated stacking.

2. The appearance and surface defects, length, width, thickness, end rectangle ratio, flatness and lock shape of steel sheet piles shall be tested, and the steel sheet piles that do not meet the requirements shall be corrected, so as to reduce the difficulties in the process of piling.

3. Loading and unloading steel sheet piles should be operated by the method of two-point hoisting. The number of steel sheet piles lifted each time should not be too much, and attention should be paid to protecting the lock mouth to avoid damage.

4. The place of steel sheet pile stacking should be selected on the flat and firm site where the large subsidence deformation will not occur due to the pressure, and it is convenient to be transported to the piling construction site.

5. According to the requirements of cross section width of foundation pit and trench excavation design, the position line of steel sheet pile is measured and set, and the position of each point pile is measured and fixed by using total station. The laser instrument shall be erected on the fixed pile position and aligned with the pile site in front, and the elevation of the infrared ray emitted by the laser instrument shall be consistent with the elevation of the completed pile top.

6. The sensor mark of the reaction base is set on the planning normal line, so that the main body of the reaction base is parallel to the planning normal line.

7. Pull out the auger after pre-digging to the design depth. Do not directly reverse the auger when pulling out, but pull out for a distance and then reverse it.

8. In the process of foundation trench excavation, observe the changes of steel sheet pile at any time. If there is obvious overturning or uplifting state, add symmetric support to the overturning or uplifting part immediately.

9. The pile hole left after pulling out the pile must be backfilled in time.

10. When the earth and rocks in the excavation pit are opened, horizontal support should be carried out in time.