Grow up on time

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"No, it's not." "This girl was my neighbor when I was a kid," Vidanli said. "

"No, it's not." "This girl was my neighbor when I was a kid," Vidanli said. "I thought I would never see her again, but she came back into my life. I finally waited for her. "Your" blah, blah, blah "was written for her?" It dawned on me. The secret must not be revealed. "You're not allowed to put that in a novel either," Vidanli said. Oh? So protective of this girl, it seems that she is really important to Victoria. I said jokingly, "I'll write it!"! Otherwise, the novel will not be wonderful. "Do you have to be in love to be wonderful?" He expressed disdain for me: "Sometimes, your novel is superficial in this place." Afraid of my dissatisfaction, he quickly added four words: "Forgive me for speaking frankly." "Oh, come on, what's so good about this girl that you're so happy for her and worried about her?" "I don't know." "When I was young, she wore a white dress and followed me like a little princess, but when she grew up,12v High Torque Motor, she was more beautiful than when she was a child, like the heroine of the" clear mouth lozenge "," Victoria said. "No wonder." I said, "You deserve it for judging people by their appearance." "The conscience of heaven and earth." "I like her even if she looks like a hippo," said Vidanli. "She doesn't seem to like you?" I say Yes "She forgot everything about her childhood," Vidanli said. "How many fights did I fight for her. Anyone who dares to look down on her, I will go all out to fight for her! "Ungrateful girl,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm," I said, "forget her!" "Aunt Meimei, that's easy for you to say." Victoria Stanley said, "I lied to you last time. Do you know why I have this screen name?"? Actually, her name is Dani, and my name means "for Dani." "Do what for her?" I asked. You can do anything. He answered. Stupid enough. I criticized him. It's a little bit. He admitted. I said, "Well, I'll write a story for you when I'm free." "Don't write about Dany." "She wouldn't be happy to see it," said Vidanli. She doesn't like me telling stories about us when we were kids. "All right." I promised him. "Aunt Meimei," said Vidanli, "I wish I were a writer. I'll write a story for her myself. I think she will like it." Vidanli. Stupid tall boy. I'm starting work on my novel for Vidanli. I designed a lot of interesting stories for him, Gear Reduction Motor ,Low Rpm Electric Motor, and I feel that Victoria in my novel is much more interesting than he is in life. I think Vidanli will like this character. Strangely, Vidanli didn't contact me again for a long time. When the novel was almost finished, I thought I should let him read it first. I wanted to hear his opinion. So I called his pager, and his pager number was really easy to remember, and I didn't check the address book. But it wasn't him who called back, it was a woman's voice. Ask me if I'm looking for Li You. I said, "Who are you?" "I am her mother." I hastened to say, "Oh, I'm Meimei." "Is it the writer Meimei?" Said Victoria's mother. "I've been meaning to call you, but I've been hesitating to disturb you." "Vidanli, what's wrong with him?" I've always had good instincts. The sense of foreboding went straight to the forehead. He's been in the hospital for more than a month. Sure enough. Oh I said, "What's wrong with him?" "It's not a disease," said Victoria's mother. "He's been cut seven times! There was a knife that almost killed him. I could hear that Victoria's mother was holding back her grief. In which hospital? I said, "I'm coming to see him." As soon as I got to the door of the hospital, I recognized Vidanli's mother at a glance. Vidanli and her mother looked alike, especially in their eyes. She said to me gratefully, "Thank you for coming." "It should be." I said, "Your son and I are friends. I'm late." "Li You, this child." Victoria's mother sighed and tried to say something, but she didn't. "Why did it happen?" I asked. "He acted bravely for a just cause.". Three punks robbed a girl. "She knows that girl?" "Yes." "They are old friends," said Victoria's mother. ” Needless to say, it must be for the "clear mouth lozenge". Victoria once told me that she would do anything for her. The boy who is even afraid of mice. I saw Vidanli in the ward. He was a little pale, but he was in good spirits. I'm glad to see you. Garrulous said: "You are in the television to see my heroic deeds?"? Am I more handsome on TV? "I don't watch TV." I said, "What a shame to miss it." "Now you can write a novel for me!" Vidanli thought for a moment and then said in frustration, "But that kind of novel is also very boring and eulogizing." "I will not sing your praises." I took advantage of his mother to pour water for me and whispered in his ear, "That's for Dany. If anyone else, I don't believe you are so brave." Vidanli gave me a strange look and said proudly, "a writer has a rich imagination.". But this time you're wrong. I saved a hippo! I'm surprised. In fact, whoever it is, I will save it. "I don't mean to praise myself," said Victoria angrily. "They just grab money and pull other girls' clothes. It's really obscene to the extreme!" I blush, I am ashamed, I can look down on the literary level of a young man, but I have no right to underestimate his personality. I cut my hair for Victoria and heard him tell me: "After leaving the hospital, I will not think about how to become a writer all day, but also exercise well, otherwise I will grow so tall in vain and develop in an all-round way to be a real genius!" I smiled and said, "Yes." "Of course,Parallel Shaft Gearbox, my ultimate dream is to be a writer." "This is an ideal I will never give up," Vidanli said in a roundabout way. "Then work hard." I shook hands with him, and his hand was so big that it covered my whole body. He smiled heh heh.