In the name of the father

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Xiao Yan made a mistake and bent down to grab the basketball from

Xiao Yan made a mistake and bent down to grab the basketball from Xiao Yan's hand in the dribble. His brother's deep curse sounded in his ears, but his brother just smiled gracefully, dribbled the ball under the basket, dribbled the ball and took off. Watching a ball go into the basket again, but at this time, people only heard a slight sound. The basketball that should have been beautifully thrown into the basket was hit by another basketball that flew out of nowhere. The two balls hit the barbed wire of the basketball court one after the other, and the whole barbed wire was slightly trembling. Gently landing, Xiao Yan slightly frowned eyebrows seemed to express the unhappiness at this time. He turned around and looked at a group of young people in hip-hop walking slowly not far away-their loose basketball clothes seemed more in line with the style of street basketball than the school uniforms of the two brothers of the Xiao family. Kid, two people occupy a half of the field, you are really embarrassed! The man walking in front spoke first. As soon as the man opened his mouth, the crowd of onlookers immediately quieted down. People involuntarily cast their eyes on Xiao Yan's face, which had become not very good-looking. It's going to be fun. 39 Chapter 38 The atmosphere on the basketball court is very stiff, almost on the verge of breaking out. Just when everyone thought Xiao Yan was about to get angry, he didn't expect that the teenager just picked up his school uniform collar with a sneer and wiped the sweat off his chin,interactive whiteboard prices, because of this pulling action, Xiao Yan showed a large piece of bronzed skin on his chest without any care. "Don't you like me to dominate the field?" The teenager slightly hooked his lips into an unruly arc, and the contempt on his face was even more undisguised, "I won't fight with you and bully your old bones when I see you are old." Come on, three or three bullfights, five balls decide the winner,interactive kiosk price, the loser.. Xiao Yan paused, his beautiful amber eyes turned in his eyes, and then the smile on his lips became more unscrupulous: "If you lose, just climb out from here." Teenager's voice is deep and hoarse, because in the period of voice change, Xiao Yan will not speak too loudly recently, but it is clear that the reason is that these people who want to come to make trouble do not know, in their view, this is just a kind of arrogant cool behavior of the high school students in front of them-so, Xiao Yan's action has angered them even more. Several young people dressed in hip-hop looked at each other, temperature screening kiosk ,temperature scanning kiosks, and they saw excitement in each other's eyes to varying degrees. Yes, they almost couldn't wait to see the embarrassed appearance of the arrogant and arrogant teenager in front of them climbing out of here. What, what qualifications do two high school students have to occupy the basketball court of the university city and perform embroidered basketball here to make them feel good about themselves? "A bullfight is a bullfight. A boy thinks he plays American basketball very well, doesn't he?" The young man who led the way pulled the loose trousers loudly, and the chain hanging on the trousers clanged with metal. Xiao Yan really dared to show him a natural smile: "Yes." "Damn it, smelly kid." The young man spat, his dark eyes moved away from Xiao Yan's face and looked at another teenager standing behind him-a well-dressed school uniform and a portable schoolbag hanging well on the basketball rack. It's the rhythm of a nerd! Showing a determined smile, he turned his head and casually picked up two tall companions from behind him. He picked up the basketball that had rolled back from the ground and looked at Xiao Yan with his eyes. "You are only two people. How can you fight a bullfight?" When Xiao Yan heard this, he showed a lazy smile of extreme disdain. He stretched out two fingers and shook them in front of the college student who was half a head taller than him: "Two people are enough to blow you up.". ” As soon as the hip-hop youth choked, he was about to shout abuse, and then he thought of this smelly kid looking for his own smoke. Why did he stop him? Who wants to be fair to you at this time? Just win. Then, he throws the basketball in the hand gently, let the basketball turn on forefinger, blew a whistle frivolously: "Imp has seed, lost not to cry to look for mom!" "Thank you for your concern. I only have a stupid father." Xiao Yan said indifferently, stretched himself and went back to do preparatory activities. Although he had just played a few games with Xiao Yan, the small amount of exercise was not enough for him to open his muscles and bones. Since the cruel words had been put down, he was not ready to lose the game. What's more, what's the joke? The basketball court is so big that he will be tired to death if he climbs out from here! Just as Xiao Yan was seriously stretching and pressing his legs, a cold figure beside him squatted down silently beside him. Xiao Yan: ".." Xiao Yan: ".." Xiao Yan inexplicably twisted his face and stared at his brother: "What for?" Xiao Yan: "Please don't drag me when you bet with others next time. I don't want to climb out from here." “………………” Xiao Yan could not stand to roll his eyes, "how can you lose, you are funny!" "Of course you can't lose if you say so." With a sidelong glance at his twin brother, who had been concentrating on making trouble for three hundred years, Xiao Yan stood up, slowly and gently unbuttoned the top button of his shirt, and then stood aside, and there was no more movement. Quietly waiting for the rhythm of the start of the game. Xiao Yan looked at the black line all over his face: "Are you going to fight like this?" "That's it." Xiao Yan glanced at him. "If you're careful, you shouldn't sprain. I'm not as rude as you are." You are rude, if you are not so rude, please let me be rude for ten thousand years! Xiao Yan forcefully rolled his eyes at the sky, stood up from the ground with a gentle jump, lifted his eyelids, and looked at three college students whose average height was obviously half a head higher than theirs coming this way. When he saw the basketball in the other side's hands,face detection android, the amber pupil of the teenager suddenly sank, as if he had changed his mind, and his attention was completely focused. The game begins. The game has just started with a tidbit.