Why Do People Cheat in Relationships?

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When you fall in love, certain chemicals are released in your body that gives you feelings of pleasure, joy, and excitement. After some time, these substances stop working, but love begins to be felt through intimacy, and not like butterflies in the stomach.

When a married man meets another woman and finds her attractive, these chemicals kick in again and this explains why men cheat on their wives and vice versa https://toplovehacks.com/signs-of-cheating/ . This happens both for those who cheat and for those who do not allow themselves to do so. At such moments, cheaters plunge into new relationships, and honest people do not succumb to the enticing temptation.

Those who do not understand this principle are more likely to change
When this happens to cheaters, they don't realize that the attraction they feel for the other person is the result of the hormones that go off in the body, and instead, they think they love the other person more than their spouse.

The cheaters will say:

· When I see her, I experience new feelings that I no longer have for my wife.

· I want to see him more than my husband.

· I think I will never be bored with her.

And if we formulate these words from a scientific point of view, we get the following:

· I forgot the sensations of these chemicals, and with this new woman, I feel them again.

· My body releases more chemicals when I see him than when I see my husband.

· I think these chemicals will never stop being produced in my body (he thought the same thing when he got married).

How to avoid cheating?

Most cheaters who understand this principle stop cheating when they realize that they are only chasing chemicals, not real feelings. In my book The Definitive Guide to Maintaining a Healthy Relationship, I explained that both partners must be aware of the fact that chemicals will not work all the time, and that intimacy must replace these feelings for the relationship to last.

Those who go for treason are chasing a mirage, and sooner or later they will find that the chemicals that led them have disappeared again, and then the betrayals will come one after another.

If you know someone who cheats, let them read this article. If you are cheating, then now you know that you are just following the chemistry, and not in love at all, and you know how to avoid cheating.

Is it possible to restore the action of these chemicals?
Yes, their effect can be restored to existing relationships if, for example, you look into each other's eyes more or experience exciting events together.

Dissatisfaction in relationships leads to cheating

Various forms of dissatisfaction in a relationship can lead to cheating. If a person is unhappy in his relationship, he may commit adultery to satisfy his needs that he cannot satisfy with his partner, or even to unknowingly take revenge on his partner.

Lack of understanding of what a person wants can also lead to infidelity. Sometimes people enter relationships without realizing their needs, only to find that they wanted something else.

This is why early marriages sometimes lead to infidelity, as in these cases people get married without realizing their real needs or even deciding what is important to them.

False beliefs about love lead to cheating

Thanks to Hollywood, many people think that love solves all problems. When a person enters a relationship to experience the greatest happiness and then finds that nothing has changed, it can lead to them blaming their partner instead of blaming themselves for such beliefs.

Most people have such strong false beliefs about love that they fiercely defend them. When a person realizes that his relationship is not in line with his beliefs about love, he may commit adultery.