Cool president breaks into the single tribe

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I'm going to take him to accompany that little girl. "No." Fang Xiaojing waved his hand magnanimously, "My sister is not a narrow-minded person." 。

In the living room, four men gathered together to talk about the feasible business opportunities in the market at present. They really deserve to be men, and they are all top men in the market. When they get together, they can talk about their work. You men, when you get together, you know how to talk about business. It's really boring. "Luo Qing came out of the kitchen first with the dishes." It seems that he is learning from his uncle. "Then Xin Yan came out of the kitchen with dishes in both hands, followed by Yoon and Menglin respectively, and agreed with Xin Yan." Although the ginger is old hot, but, the blue is better than the blue, "dazzles the eye core to turn the head to drag, is simply cheeky." A generation is stronger than a generation, "Shaofeng and Yanbin immediately said in unison, this momentum is simply to let Yin Bocheng die on the beach." Haha, bold, good, good, "Yin Bocheng listened to the bold words of these little devils, not only did not get angry, but more happy that they have such an unyielding spirit." Without Uncle Yin and your parents laying down the country for you, how can you, the second generation of the rich, have the opportunity to say boldly here, "Menglin can't bear to see them fart like this." Even if there are no parents, we will still have our own piece of heaven and earth, "Shao Feng disagreed, he thought they had enough strength to show off their achievements.". Menglin glared at Shaofeng and ignored him, while Yin Bocheng sat on the sofa and nodded approvingly. It seems that in the eyes of the older generation in the market, these young people are definitely better than their older generation. All right, don't study, you boys, have stood at the top of the business world, leave some way out for others. "Xin Yan saw that everyone was deadlocked,warehouse pallet racks, so he had to give them some steps down.". Now that there are steps to go down, climb down quickly and sit down around the table together. Aunt, the food you cook is delicious, I haven't eaten such delicious food for a long time. "Shaofeng is not polite to eat on the table, while eating, he keeps complaining." Then we Menglin can refuel, catch the man's heart, it is necessary to catch the man's stomach, "Luo Qing heard the complaint of Shaofeng, put a dish into the bowl of Shaofeng, and jokingly said to Menglin." Maybe I'm not the only one who wants to catch his stomach. "Menglin smiled, but her tone was gnashing her teeth.". Xin Yan and Yuner how to listen, feel not quite right, big eyes doubtfully looking back and forth at Shaofeng and Menglin. Shaofeng was said by Menglin, like a child who did something wrong, secretly looked at Menglin, but Menglin mercilessly stared at Shaofeng, warehouse storage racks ,heavy duty cantilever racks, which was seen by Xinyan and Yuner, perhaps as they said, what really happened to Shaofeng and Menglin? But I didn't hear Xuan and Yanbin say that. In fact, Xuan and Yan Bin naturally know what is going on between Shaofeng and Menglin, the reason why they did not tell them, afraid that they know Menglin is wronged, things become worse. After dinner, everyone is chatting, Xin Yan and Yuner take advantage of less maple to go to the bathroom, secretly follow upstairs. As soon as Shaofeng opened the door of the bathroom, he was frightened by Xinyan and Yuner, who had already stayed at the door. What are you doing here? "Shaofeng cried out in fright.". Xinyan and Yuner were afraid that his voice would be too loud and disturb the people below, so they covered Shaofeng's mouth and pushed him back to the bathroom. Volume 2 The True Meaning of Happiness Section 77 Menglin's Mind Be pushed into the bathroom of Shaofeng, hands in front of the chest, handsome face unexpectedly appeared afraid expression. Seeing such a little maple, Xin Yan took a look at Yoon, and Yoon also looked at Xin Yan. "Will you think too much?" The two men said coincidentally. " Cut, what are you doing? I know I am very handsome. "Shaofeng is as arrogant as an evil scorpion." I ask you, what is the matter between you and Menglin? "Xin Yan is too lazy to talk nonsense with him and directly explain the purpose of his visit." No, it's nothing. Did you hear what Xuan and Yanbin said? "These two damn guys, their mouths are so loose." If you listen to them, still need to ask you, "Yuner is a little unhappy, look at his performance, must have done something sorry for Menglin, otherwise how can Menglin be like that?" Oh, really nothing, what do you mean by asking, don't believe me? "Shaofeng heard that they didn't know anything at all before they were relieved, and they were justified.". "I don't believe it," said Yoon and Xin Yan in unison. Why do I believe you? You are a famous playboy within a radius of eight hundred miles. "Xin Yan's words put Shaofeng into the 18 layers of hell." Hey, that's all before, I went straight, "Shaofeng was so said by them, feel very unfair." Don't talk nonsense, you say not to say, "Yuner is too lazy to talk nonsense with him, clenched her fist at Shaofeng, she knew that they must not beat him, but how to say to scare him." Hey, in fact, it's nothing, it's all a misunderstanding. "Shaofeng sees that the two of them have come prepared, and they won't give up if they don't ask anything. It seems that they can only be recruited from the truth." Continue, "Xin Yan can't wait." There is a girl who grew up with me. She is about the same age as you. Her name is Lou Xinyu. The text message she sent to me let Menglin see that "Shaofeng avoided the important and said a little, and tried to pass the test." Childhood sweetheart, is that all? "Xin Yan thinks that if it's just like this, he won't be angry in his dream." Text messages are a little bit, just a little bit ambiguous, and Xinyu has an engagement with me. "Shaofeng has no choice but to tell them the truth of the matter, hoping that they will not misunderstand, and only they can help him." What? Have an engagement, you have an engagement since you were a child, why do you come to provoke our dream Lin? "Angry Yuner can't care so much,shuttle rack system, shouting at Shaofeng." Oh, you keep your voice down. "Xin Yan immediately stopped Yoon's roar. She didn't want everyone to know that the two of them had kidnapped Shaofeng to the bathroom." Then, what are you going to do? "Yoon had to put down her voice and asked Shaofeng angrily." Don't be ridiculous. I can't marry her. I only love Menglin. "I was a little angry when asked by Yuner. It was enough to make him angry. Menglin was angry with herself all day and didn't give her a good look. I didn't expect that the two girls didn't believe him.".