Huadu Surprise Soldier (Zhu Zhu)

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I'm going to take him to accompany that little girl. "No." Fang Xiaojing waved his hand magnanimously, "My sister is not a narrow-minded person." 。

The three of them got on the elevator. The elevator went down to the ground floor and stopped. As soon as the elevator door opened, they saw about five or six young girls standing on both sides of the elevator. These girls looked about twenty-two or twenty-three years old. They all looked very beautiful. They were wearing uniform cheongsams with white skin and red lips. There were five or six girls like this, enough to see Du Shanshan's wrist! "This way.." .!” Du Shanshan walked in front, Mu Shuyuan took Chen Xiao's arm, walked behind Du Shanshan, until now, Chen Xiao had the opportunity to ask Mu Shuyuan, "Mu Jie, how do you want to take me here to play, here is obviously a woman's world, I am a big man, appear here, always feel inappropriate!" "Just let you see, when you called, I happened to be with Shanshan, so Shanshan suggested that you come over, she wanted to meet you." . Little brother I can remind you privately that although Du Shanshan and I have known each other for a long time, I have never understood Du Shanshan's personality. In short, she is hidden. Don't be fascinated by her! Chen Xiao's hand was finally free to pinch Mu Shuyuan's plump buttocks, "Sister Mu, I have enough of you, do you really think I will be fascinated by her?" "Maybe. I've seen Shanshan's tricks. Brother,stainless steel edging strip, you'd better be careful!" "So what? Is it difficult for me, a big man, to be afraid of women? If Du Shanshan really has an idea about me, I can compete with her in bed. It's not certain who will win or lose!" As soon as Chen Xiao said this, Mu Shuyuan had already laughed. Mu Shuyuan's hand was holding Chen Xiao's arm, and her chest and Chen Xiao's arm were close together. "Brother, this is a good suggestion. I will talk about your idea with Shanshan. From a woman's point of view, I think Du Shanshan is very interested in you. I have never seen her so interested in other men." You're the first one! "Sister Mu,stainless steel tile edge trim, that's not necessarily true. Maybe you didn't see it either!" Chen Xiao said. As they spoke, they had reached a large room in front of them. The room was very spacious, with hundreds of square meters. In the middle was a competition venue similar to a boxing ring. There were seats all around. At the moment, there were many women on the seats! Fat and thin, old and young.. .! As soon as Du Shanshan appeared, she became the focus of the whole audience. Du Shanshan is the female boss of this club, usually, she rarely shows up, only when there is such a popular female competition as overnight fame, Du Shanshan will come out, in the hearts of many women, Du Shanshan is a mysterious representative, she always can not figure out the mind! "Who is that man?" It has been found that Chen Xiao, although these women come to watch the game, will bring a happy male companion, aluminum tile edge trim ,tile trim manufacturers, but those handsome male companions are all so-called companions, not only do not have the momentum to say, but also not qualified to walk side by side with these women, but Chen Xiao is different, he and Mu Shuyuan came in together, from this momentum, it proves that Chen Xiao's identity is different! Chen Xiao's identity immediately became the target of those women's curiosity! "Chen Xiao, you are more attractive than me. Those women pay more attention to you than to me. I am the boss of this club, but now they only pay attention to you!" Du Shanshan laughed. Maybe because I'm a man. A man who is different from those gigolos, that's why those women pay attention to me! As Chen Xiao spoke, his eyes swept around, and just around him, the male companions of several women sitting beside him all cast jealous eyes on Chen Xiao! Although they look good, but there is no status, here, is also taking money to accompany these women, some of them are too rich to be disgusting, but those men have to endure, all this is for money, no money, everything is empty talk! Du Shanshan smiled, "because you are different.." She said this, took a look at Mu Shuyuan, "Mu Jie, excuse me, some things I have to personally arrange, wait for me to arrange, and then meet Mu Jie." .!” "Yes!" Mu Shuyuan nodded her head. Du Shanshan then got up and watched Du Shanshan leave. Chen Xiao's hand slipped in from Mu Shuyuan's waist. Mu Shuyuan was wearing a cheongsam. Chen Xiao's hand easily slipped into the cheongsam! "Sister Mu, have you ever heard of the Silver Bamboo Gang?" Chen Xiao did not have much interest in the competitions on the stage. No matter how wonderful these competitions were, Chen Xiao could not attract his attention. He was more concerned about the silver bamboo gang. Chen Xiao feels that Xu Sisi's mother Wang Jing has hidden something, but if Chen Xiao asks Wang Jing, I'm afraid Wang Jing won't say it either! "Silver Bamboo Gang?"? Why do you ask about this gang? As soon as Mu Shuyuan heard Chen Xiao mention the Silver Bamboo Gang, she paused slightly! "Just asking, Sister Mu, how much do you know about this gang?" Chen Xiao asked. This gang is an old one in Taiwan. In the early years, this gang was quite powerful, but in recent years, the influence of the Silver Bamboo Gang in Taiwan has been declining year by year. I also heard that the Silver Bamboo Gang is facing a split in the gang. As for what the situation is, I am not too clear, but the Silver Zhu Gang is a very important gang, which owns many industries.. .!” When Mu Shuyuan spoke, her eyes looked at Chen Xiao beside her, and when she saw Chen Xiao frowning, Mu Shuyuan had already laughed, "Brother, do you have a conflict with the Silver Bamboo Gang?" "This.." . Sister Mu I don't have to go behind your back. This evening, six members of the Silver Bamboo Gang attacked one of my friends. At present, those six people are already at the police station. I am now considering whether they are members of the Silver Bamboo Gang and why they attacked my friend! Your friend? What do you do? Mu Shuyuan asked. Just an ordinary girl, she is a classmate of my class,china tile trim, she has no background, this is my strange place, why someone attacked her! Chen Xiao said.