Xiaobai's treasure book for making money

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"Then one more game." Han Yan said, drawing out a RMB with a face value of five yuan. monalisa.com

Since she let things go, it is usually a woman who asks for status. When did it become a man who asks for status? "Shen Huan always does something different from others." What's the matter? Is this a funny thing? He was a little depressed, and he thought it was probably the most depressing moment of his life. He had never thought that he would be in such a mess. His face was slightly depressed, and he could see that he was not happy. No, it's not funny. Ye Xiaoxia closed her mouth, but her crescent-like eyes revealed her brilliant smile. At last he became angry from embarrassment. "Well, that's my condition," he said in a muffled voice. "What do you think?" "You are really threatening me." Ye Xiaoxia also straightened up. What if I say yes? Ye Xiaoxia tilted her head and did not speak, her eyes shining in the moonlight night. At last she sighed, "Although I have never given in to threats, there are exceptions to everything, aren't there?" "And what is your answer?" "Well, I'll accept your threat." Ye Xiaoxia continued to sigh. But the corners of her eyes and her eyebrows were full of smiles. 。 She put her arms around his neck and rested her head on his chest, feeling warm as she listened to his strong heartbeat. But he pushed her away and looked into her eyes. "Are you serious?" Ye Xiaoxia looked at the obsidian eyes, and after a long time she nodded cautiously: "Yes." He lowered his head and suddenly said from the corner of his mouth, "I'll get off the line first." Say,hot tub wholesale, have not waited for Ye Xiaoxia to react to come over, in front of the trace has disappeared. Leaving Ye Xiaoxia sitting on the gate tower at a loss. What is the situation now? She continued to be in a daze here, but she heard a sound of bumping. She knew the sound. It was the sound of someone knocking on the game bin. She didn't think much about it and immediately got off the line. She pressed the button to open the game bin, and when the door of the game bin opened, what she saw was Shen Huan squatting on the edge of the game bin and looking at herself. Ye Xiaoxia sat up and just looked into his eyes, which were deep,indoor endless pool, warm and exciting. She just opened the corners of her mouth, and before she could say a word, she felt the warmth and softness of her lips. Suddenly, the overwhelming warmth and softness covered her so much that she could hardly extricate herself. Suddenly, the imperial concubine only felt that her body suddenly rose into the air, and the cry of surprise escaped from the corners of her mouth. In her panic, she pushed Shen Huan away, only to find that she had been picked up by him. Then Shen Huan put Ye Xiaoxia on the ground and gently took her hand: "Let's go." "Where to?" Ye Xiaoxia was in a daze. Go and write your name in my household register. Shen Huan clearly explained his intention, holding Ye Xiaoxia's hand to go outside. Ye Xiaoxia's face suddenly turned red. She immediately grabbed Shen Huan and said quickly, "Shen Huan, you don't have to be so anxious about this, 5 person hot tub ,massage bathtub manufacturers, don't you think?" "Did you go back on your word?" Shen Huan looked at Ye Xiaoxia, his face was expressionless, so that people could not see his sadness and joy. But it can make people smell a little danger in his calm tone. No, I'm not backing out. Ye Xiaoxia shook his head repeatedly, hoping that he would not misunderstand. Since there is no regret, we will go to the Civil Affairs Bureau. Shen Huan is a black and white person, he is very satisfied with Ye Xiaoxia's answer, so he nodded, took her hand and planned to continue walking outside. Wait a minute, Shen Huan, wait a minute. Ye Xiaoxia immediately held him back. You still regret it. Shen Huan even narrowed his eyes this time, and even without listening to his voice, he could tell by looking at his expression that he was very unhappy. No, listen to me. Ye Xiaoxia really did not want to tangle with Shen Huan on this question of yes or no, and hurriedly said all the words like a bamboo tube pouring beans, hoping that he could understand what he meant. Shen Huan, don't you have to tell your parents if you want to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau? I have no parents. I am the parent of my family. ” "Then you don't have to inform your master?" I'm getting married, not my master. I'll tell him when I get the marriage certificate. Shen Huan looked at Ye Xiaoxia's face and snorted: "He didn't inform me when he got married, did he?" This answer really made Ye Xiaoxia laugh and cry. She had no choice but to say: "But Shen Huan, I haven't told President Wang yet. Moreover, I don't have a household registration book in my hand. My household registration is in the welfare home. It's a collective household registration.". It's not just a matter of doing it. Shen Huan's eyebrows also wrinkled, he pursed his mouth and thought for a while, holding Ye Xiaoxia's hand or walking outside. Ye Xiaoxia followed his footsteps and walked quickly towards the door: "Shen Huan, where are you going?" Will you regret it? "Go to the welfare home." Shen Huan held Ye Xiaoxia's hand tightly, walked out of her room, walked through the living room, and walked all the way to the door. Ye Xiaoxia took his hand and smiled helplessly: "Shen Huan, you really don't have to be so anxious. You see, it's already half past two in the afternoon. It's almost four o'clock when we get to the welfare home. We can't do anything when we come back, can we?" Shen Huan turned his head and looked deeply at Ye Xiaoxia, whose eyes were as dark as an abyss. In the darkness, Ye Xiaoxia could not see any emotion. She can only smile: "Moreover, this transfer account is not so easy, who knows how many processes to go through, how many days to waste, we really do not have to rush now." Shen Huan finally opened his mouth. Every word he said,endless swimming pool, "Xiaoxia, why aren't you in a hurry?" Worry? Ye Xiaoxia did not understand what Shen Huan meant. She blinked her eyes. "Now that I've promised you, I won't go back on my word. There's nothing to worry about.". Do you have anything to worry about? 。 monalisa.com