Corpse abuse

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"Then one more game." Han Yan said, drawing out a RMB with a face value of five yuan.

"Shine your sword!" Qi Jianye shouted. He is a senior in Wulin, and it is well known that he has never used weapons to fight against enemies after middle age. Therefore, he wants to use a pair of meat palms to fight with Song Tengxiao's sword. Of course, it is not a kind of contempt. Even though Song Tengxiao was arrogant, he wanted to give him some face. He immediately pulled out his sword and said, "Well, the younger generation has learned." With a swish of a sword. The sword came out flat on the chest, and the tip of the sword trembled slightly. This move has a name called "Dongyue Chaozong", which is a "starting style" to show respect for the older generation. However, although it was only a plain starting style, the tip of the sword trembled lightly and made a buzzing sound, which showed that Song Tengxiao's skill was really not weak. Yang Mu, a bystander, was taken aback and thought to himself, "It's a good thing I didn't fight with him just now. Otherwise, I'm afraid I'll suffer immediate losses." "You're welcome," said Qi Jianye coldly. In a huff, the tip of the long sword bounced up to show that he refused to accept the gift. "Song Tengxiao couldn't help thinking," This old man really has great skill and lives up to his reputation. Said late, then fast, only to hear the whir of the wind, Qi Jianye is also a move to attack. Although did not hit Song Tengxiao's body, the palm strength already forced him almost to be unable to breathe. Song Tengxiao's long sword circled, his body turned quickly,jacuzzi manufacturers, and suddenly the cold electricity was flying in riotous profusion. No one was seen, only the light of the sword. Dou to the tight place, see all directions, are the shadow of Song Tengxiao. Just like more than a dozen Song Tengxiao came from all directions with swords and launched a stormy attack on Qi Jianye. Lv Simei, a bystander, exulted and began to cheer unconsciously. She thought to herself, Elder Martial Brother Song has accompanied me to practice wearing flowers around trees for several years. It seems that he is better than me in this skill. "If the old man is undeserved, he may not be better than Elder Martial Brother Song." After all,outdoor whirlpool, her martial arts attainments were inferior. She could not see that Sihai Shenlong was the superior martial arts with static braking. After seeing clearly the strength and weakness of Song Tengxiao, she began to defeat the enemy with effective counterattack methods. Song Tengxiao felt that the strength of the other side's hand was like an undercurrent, getting tighter and tighter, but he could not say what he was suffering from, so he had to rely on his ethereal posture and strange sword moves to continue to take the offensive. The heart knows that if the move is a little slow, it will be difficult to resist the other side's counterattack. Lv Simei's mind is not already, suddenly heard Qi Jianye is a loud drink, palms flying, only to see the sword scattered, the figure in all directions suddenly disappeared. Song Tengxiao staggered back a few steps in succession. "Good boy," Qi Jianye shouted, "aren't you willing to admit defeat?" Song Tengxiao said coldly, "a real man would rather be indomitable. It is absolutely impossible for me to admit defeat to you." In the time he said these three words, Qi Jianye is one after another split seven palms or did not hit Song Tengxiao, Song Tengxiao also returned five strokes. This time Lv Siying saw that Song Tengxiao was indeed no match for the Four Seas Dragon. He just relied on his posture of wearing flowers around trees to avoid it, so that he could reluctantly support him and not lose for the time being. wwW. xiaOshuo Chapter 24 strangers meet. t? Xt _ Xiao _ Shuo Tian \ Tang The new sound at the bottom of the flower, respect the former old couple, endless swim spa ,Whirlpool bathtub, get drunk all my life. Sima has no family, Wen yuanyuan is not married, and winning is undeserved reputation. Peng Junsun Yang Mu stood aside and cheered triumphantly for Qi Jianye. Lv Simei was thinking about how to help Song Tengxiao. Suddenly she frowned and had a plan. She glanced at Yang Mu and said with a sneer, "Master Yang, I heard that you have a moderate reputation in Jizhou. Can you only wave the flag and shout?" "What do you mean?" Asked Yang Mu angrily. "We have a joke in the countryside," said Lu Simei. "When two people quarrel, one of them rolls up his sleeves and is so aggressive that he seems to have to fight with the other side immediately. But when the other side rises to fight, he only dares to talk but not to fight. He cursed, stepped back, and shouted for people to wait for him until he went home to invite him! This joke is actually everywhere, but most of them say to go back and invite my brother. Lv Simei said it was to invite "uncle", of course, to tease Yang Mu. Yang Mu was furious and said, "It's not because you're a young girl that I have to teach you a lesson." "Well," said Lu Simei with a smile, "that's exactly what I want! If you want to fight, fight quickly, while your husband is still here, you have an advantage! "It's none of your business, Younger Martial Sister," cried Song Tengxiao. "Go!" "I don't want to be the main character in the joke," said Lu Simei with a smile. You are playing so happily, how can I not join in the fun? Ha ha, Master Yang, come on, teach me a lesson! Speaking of the word "lesson", she had already drawn her sword out of its scabbard, facing Yang Mu's face in a flash. Yang Mu was furious. "You're asking for your own death!" Double palm drew a circular arc, a move "swim empty probe claw", left palm clap, right palm to Lu Simei's shoulder grasp. This move was originally the unique skill of his family's "Vajra Six Yang Hands". The left palm swings the tip of the opponent's sword with the power of masculinity, and the right palm can grasp the opponent's lute bone. Just now in the restaurant, Lv Simei had given him a slap to push away. He thought that even if Lv Simei knew swordsmanship, she would not be good at it. He didn't care about her at all. She thought she would be able to catch it easily, but she was still thinking about how to humiliate her. Who knows Lv Simei is determined to move, early prepared. Start in the open space, not as difficult as the hotel full of tables and chairs to move, Yang Mu a grasp, she is already a flicker to use the posture of wearing flowers around the tree, around the back of Yang Mu. As soon as Yang Mu grasped the air, he suddenly felt the sound of the golden blade splitting the wind. Knowing that something was wrong, he clapped his backhand and turned his body in a circle. His martial arts is really not weak, this move to resolve the good, Lv Simei skill is slightly inferior, the sword point askew, if the hard stab in the past, stab him, will not hurt very seriously, but have to be on guard to catch him. Lv Simei took the opportunity to respond, relying on the light body, quickly changed, Yang Mu just turned a circle,whirlpool hot tub, the footsteps did not stand firm, only to see the sword dazzling, Lv Simei has been stabbed from his face.