Trapped dragon ascends to heaven

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The young man in yellow walked to this area with a haughty expression,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, glanced faintly at the thousands of monks already standing in this area, and then walked to a position far away from the thousands of people, holding his arms and ignoring anyone. sxthst

Tianyu touched Youruo's supple black hair. Youruo lay in Tianyu's arms for a while. Then Jiao panted and said, "Yu, you see that Ruyan's skill is higher now than Laner's." Tianyu asked, "Well, why do you suddenly ask about this? Don't worry. In the future, your skill will be higher than that of Leng Ruyan." You Ruo shook his head and said, "I can't compare with you. Yu, not two years later, there will be a contest. It seems that the most time is to be picked up by two people over there." Tianyu smiled and said, "Don't worry, I won't go. Don't worry about it. It's possible that I won't compete. If I win, there will be no bonus." You Ruo said, "We must go. I also want to see the immortals. I don't know what they look like. Yu, do you think the immortals look more like us?" Tianyu said lazily, "I guess it's almost the same. I haven't seen it either. I wonder if I can get a camera there?" You Ruo asked strangely, "Why did you bring a camera?" Tianyu said with a smile: "Take a few pictures, and then you can buy money. Say, this is a real picture of immortals. If you have a chance, let the immortals smile and sign their names. It is estimated that you can earn more." Youruo listened to Tianyu talking nonsense again, laughing and shrinking into a ball in Tianyu's arms. The next day, when Tianyu came to the parking lot, Leng Ruyan met Tianyu again. Tianyu was about to open his mouth to say hello. Unexpectedly, Leng Ruyan took the initiative to say hello for the first time: "Good morning, everyone." Tianyuan opened his mouth,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, stayed for a while, and said with a smile: "Good morning. I didn't expect that Miss Ruyan would take the initiative to say hello today. It's rare." Leng Ruyan smiled at Tianyu and said, "I thought about it all night last night and thought you were right. Thank you very much." Laner smiled and said, "Ruyan, you see, how nice it is. Let's go together." Leng Ruyan nodded and said, "Well, I won't drive myself. Shall I take your car?" Laner smiled and said, "Of course." You Ruo secretly raised his thumb to Tianyu,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, and Tianyu blinked to show that he had received it. And Shuyi was already practicing when Tianyu came back last night, so it's not clear what Tianyu said to Ruyan. Peggy asked softly, "Tianyu, what did you say to Ruyan last night? She has changed so much today." Tianyu smiled and said, "I'm just telling you to take the initiative to say hello to you. I can't imagine that she has changed so much." Chapter 174 the power of the roaring sky. Leng Ruyan sat quietly beside Laner. After sitting for a while, Ruyan took the initiative to open his mouth and said, "Laner, Liu Tianyu is a very good person." Laner listen to smoke unexpectedly suddenly out of such a sentence, can not help but a little funny, nodded and said: "Yes ah!"! Tianyu is very nice. In the past, it seemed that you were prejudiced against Tianyu. Ruyan nodded gently and said, "Before, I saw him grinning all day, as if there was no positive path. Now I know that this is Liu Tianyu's practice method!" When Laner heard Ruyan say this, she laughed secretly in her heart. However, her face did not show it. She said, 304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel ,brushed stainless steel sheet, "I think it's always good to be happy every day. Laner, you can do the same in the future." Laner said slowly: "I will work hard, I see you seem to be very happy all day, later, please help me well." Laner nodded and said with a smile, "Sure, you can come to our place to play when you are free. By the way, this Friday, we will go to our own villa and have a thorough cleaning. You can come too!"! Let's work together. Cold as smoke nodded his head. Everyone came out of the parking lot together. Tianyu said with a smile, "Today is Thursday. We will gather here after school tomorrow. Will you come?" Tianyu expected that Nizi would shake her head. Unexpectedly, today, Nizi's behavior was really different from usual. Ruyan said softly, "On the way, Laner has told me that I haven't been to your villa yet. It's good to go there tomorrow." You Ruo said with a smile, "The change of smoke today is really great. I can't believe it." Leng Ruyan said softly, "Then I will go to class.". "After Leng Ruyan left, Bai Yun asked," Tianyu, what did you say to Ruyan? She has changed so much today. " Tianyu said with a smile, "It's nothing. Ruyan is not the most concerned about the progress of the skill. I told her to be polite and open-minded, and the skill will naturally make rapid progress." When Shuyi heard Tianyu say this, she asked earnestly, "Tianyu, can you really make rapid progress in this way?" Tianyu said with a smile, "I'm talking nonsense, but at least, it's no harm to Leng Ruyan. Besides, her master didn't ask her to come down the mountain to enter the world. She was so cold, like an iceberg. How can she enter the world?". There's no harm in saying so, is there? Tianyu said so, and the girls all nodded. Tianyu returned to the classroom, just sat for a while, and found that Zhang Xiaoyun had come by himself today. Tianyu stood up and said with a smile, "What is the wind blowing our Minister Zhang here today?" Zhang Xiaoyun smiled and said, "Tianyu, shall we go out and talk about it?" Tianyu nodded and followed Zhang Xiaoyun out. Outside, Tianyu asked, "What's the matter, Minister Zhang?" Zhang Xiaoyun said with a smile, "Tianyu, we have known each other for so long. You don't want Minister Zhang. Minister Zhang's name is Yun." Tianyu smiled and said, "Is it too impolite to call you that?" Xiaoyun said with a smile, "Your name is Gu Shui, isn't it also called Lao Gu?"? He's supposed to be a teacher. Tianyu smiled and said, "He is a man. Of course I can scream. However, since you are so polite, I am not polite either.". Xiaoyun, what can I do for you? Zhang Xiaoyun said: "Yesterday, the $10 million you gave me has arrived. I have divided it into 100 parts according to your meaning. Up to now, it has been remitted to the relevant relief organizations in Hainan. I sent you the bill.". Tianyu, you are really a good man. Gushui really found a good friend. Tianyu took the bill from Zhang Xiaoyun and said, "You don't have to bring these things specially.". The other side has suffered such a big loss, I should do this,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, by the way, the fund, how is it now? 。