White Horse Roaring West Wind-Jin Yong _ txt Novel Paradise

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After guiding Li Wenxiu to the jungle on the left, he walked through a row of birch trees and came to a hut. stargrace-magnesite.com

Li Wenxiu was taken aback and said, "Just this one move?" Hua Hui said with a smile, "Although I've only taught you one move, you're already my disciple. A disciple who points to the south of the Yangtze River. Do you still need two moves to deal with two little thieves?"? Aren't you afraid of damaging your master's prestige? "Yes," said Li Wenxiu. "Don't you want to take me as your teacher?" Asked Hua Hui. Li Wenxiu really didn't want to worship any master, so he couldn't help but delay answering, but when he saw that his face was extremely disappointed, and later he seemed to be quite sad, he couldn't bear it, so he knelt down to worship a few times and shouted, "Master." Hua Hui liked it and felt sad. "I didn't think I could accept such a clever and intelligent disciple after nine deaths," he said. Li Wenxiu smiled sadly and thought: "I have no family in the world except Grandpa Ji.". Learn martial arts or not, that's all right. But with one more master, there is always one more person who will not harm me and will pay attention to me. "It's getting dark," said Hua Hui. "You use the meteor hammer to clear the way and rush out. When you get to the spacious place, you take care of the two thieves." Li Wenxiu is a little scared. Hua Hui said angrily, "Since you don't believe in my martial arts, why should you worship me as your teacher?"? At that time, the two heroes in the north of Fujian were both killed in this move of "the stars and the moon competing for brilliance". What about the ability of these two little thieves compared with the two heroes in the north of Fujian? How could Li Wenxiu know the martial arts of the two heroes in northern Fujian? Seeing that he was angry, he had to stiffen his scalp and remove the stones blocking the entrance of the cave. He took the pair of gourd meteor hammers in his right hand and picked up a poisonous needle from the ground in his left hand. He shouted,Magnesium Oxide MgO, "Damn the evil thief, the poisonous needle is coming!" The two strongmen, surnamed Song and Quan, stood guard at the mouth of the cave. When they heard the words "the poisonous needle is coming," they were scared out of their wits and hurried out. The original song also thought that if she wanted to release the poison needle, there was no reason to remind her first, since so shout,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, that is not to release the poison needle, but saw three companions died under the poison needle one after another, but taught him how to dare to ask for no reason? Li Wenxiu slowly chased out, the fear in the heart is really not under the two strongmen. The three men were so frightened that they finally passed the narrow passage of more than ten feet. As soon as the man surnamed Quan turned his head, Li Wenxiu raised his left hand. The man surnamed Quan was in a panic. He stumbled at his feet and fell into a somersault. The man surnamed Song also said that he had been hit by a poisonous needle. He quickened his pace and rushed straight out of the hole. The man surnamed Quan also ran out of the cave. The two men had long swords to protect themselves, and one of them said, "Let's deal with that girl here!" "Yes," said one, "it's better for her to see more clearly when she sends the poison needle." By this time the sun was setting on the mountain, and the glittering golden light was shining on the faces of Song Quan and his wife. The two of them turned their heads slightly to prevent the sunlight from shining directly into their eyes. Suddenly they heard a coquettish shout from the cave: "The poisonous needle is coming!" The two men hurriedly flashed aside, only to see two gourds flying out of the cave, followed by Li Wenxiu jumped out. The two of them were surprised to see that she was carrying two withered gourds in her hands, and they could not help laughing, but in the laughter, caustic calcined magnesite ,Magnesium Sulphate producer, they could not avoid the meaning of fear. Li Wenxiu's heart was pounding. She had only learned one move of martial arts, but she didn't know if it really worked. Although she had learned some martial arts from her parents when she was young, she had abandoned them after their death and had long forgotten them. She was extremely afraid of these two ferocious-looking strongmen. It would be wonderful if she could bluff them away without fighting. So she shouted, "If you don't run away again, my master will shake Jiangnan with one finger!"! He kills people with poisonous needles, as if he were trying to get something out of the bag. How dare you go against him! These two strongmen were both ordinary characters, and it seemed that they had heard the name of "One Finger Shakes the South of the Yangtze River" in those years, but they had nothing to do with him and never took it to heart. They winked at each other and thought to themselves: "It's a great credit to catch this girl early and go to see Uncle Huo and Master Chen. It doesn't matter how he shakes the south of the Yangtze River or the north of the river." Shouting in unison, Fen rushed up from left and right. Li Wenxiu is astonied: "He two people come up together, how does this move star moon contend for brilliance to use however?" It was also Hua Hui who wholeheartedly taught her how to hit the acupoint, but forgot to teach her how to deal with two people together. Want to know to fight against the enemy, ever-changing, one or two hours, and how much to teach? Li Wenxiu was in a hurry and jumped three feet to the right. The man surnamed Quan stood on the right and rushed to get close first. Li Wenxiu, regardless of the situation, waved two gourds. In a panic, this move of "the stars and the moon compete for brilliance" was only half right. The left hammer hit the "Shangqu point" in his chest, but the right hammer hit his long knife edge. With a brush, the gourd was cut open by the blade, and yellow sand splashed. The man surnamed Song was rushing to get there, but he didn't expect that there would be a large area of yellow sand flying out of the gourd, and a dozen grains of sand got into his eyes. He quickly reached out and rubbed his eyes. Li Wenxiu is a hammer out, only because the right hammer is broken, less with the help of the potential, only hit his vest, but did not hit the "Lingtai point.". But this seven or eight catties of flying hammer hit on the body, that surnamed Song is also untenable, forward a dive, eyes also did not open, then hugged Li Wenxiu's shoulder. Li Wenxiu cried, "Oh!" His left hand hurriedly reached out to push, forgetting in his panic that he was still holding a poisonous needle in his hand, but this push pierced the poisonous needle into his stomach. Song's arms tightened and he died. Although the strongman was dead, his arms were very tight. Li Wenxiu struggled fiercely and could not get rid of it. "Stupid girl," said Hua Hui with a sigh. "When I was learning, I was very logical. When I got up, I was in a mess." Lifted his foot and kicked the tail bone of the man surnamed Song. The corpse loosened its arms and fell back. Still in shock, Li Wenxiu turned to look at the strongman surnamed Quan and saw him lying upright on the ground, his eyes wide open and motionless. She had already hit him with a sand gourd and killed him. Li Wenxiu killed five people in a day, although it was to avenge his parents, but also to resist rape, the heart is always very uneasy, staring at the two corpses, can not help but cry out. "Why are you crying?" Asked Hua Hui with a smile? Master taught you this trick of "the stars and the moon compete for brilliance." Is it good? Li Wenxiu sobbed, "I.." I killed someone again. "What's the point of killing a few little thieves?" Asked Hua Hui? After my kungfu is recovered,Magnesium Oxide powder, I will pass on all my kungfu to you. When the big event is over, we will return to the Central Plains. Master and disciples will cross the world. Who can be the master and disciples? Come and have a rest in my room and drink two cups of hot tea. After guiding Li Wenxiu to the jungle on the left, he walked through a row of birch trees and came to a hut. stargrace-magnesite.com