Genius Stick of Rebirth

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After a party of people returned to the official post, they learned from the post office that Lu Yi and Liu Xiangzuo had not yet returned,

Holding the small piece of jade in both hands, he raised his eyes shakily, and his eyes returned to the excitement he had just felt by the lake. "Where did you get this jade gourd?"? This gourd.. Thirty years ago, Elder Martial Brother Headmaster and I went to the mainland to show people the geomantic omen. We picked out a piece of original stone material in the local area. It was not bad. Elder Martial Brother Headmaster carved it into two jade gourds and brought it back to find a geomantic omen treasure cave. Later, the Elder Martial Brotherther accepted a close disciple. The boy was only three years old at that time. He gave him one as an introductory gift and kept one. This jade gourd has a little yellow on its head. I can't see it if I don't look at it carefully. I recognize it! Where did you get it? Zhang Lao closely stared at Xia Shao, in fact, there is a word he did not say. That was when Elder Martial Brother Headmaster accepted the boy. The boy was only three years old. Although he was not likable, he looked cute. At that time, there was a jade gourd left, and he once jokingly said that maybe this gourd could trick a girl to come back as a disciple, just to make up a pair. At that time, he also listened to this as a joke, is it difficult. Did he really take a female apprentice? This jade gourd was an introductory gift from my master eight years ago when I was getting started. He said, "Martial Uncle remembers this gourd. When I find you, just show it to you, and you will recognize it." Xia Shao stood, did not sit down, and looked directly at Zhang Lao. The old man opened his mouth and nodded, looking a little confused by the sudden shock. He stroked the jade gourd in his hand, as if he was recalling the past buried in his memory. The past came to his mind, and his eyes were slowly red. Is he, my Elder Martial Brother, all right? The old man choked a little and looked up at Xia Shao. Xia Shao could feel that the old man's eyes were a little expectant, but also a little afraid, as if she was afraid that what she said would be bad news. She smiled and said in a low voice,Serum Bottle With Dropper, "Don't worry, Master, he is still alive and in good spirits." “…… Still alive? Still alive? As soon as Zhang Lao heard this, there was obviously a look of surprise in his eyes, and then he stood up excitedly, "Good!"! All right! I knew it! I knew it! So, where is he now? "Master, he hasn't come to Hong Kong yet. Ten years ago, he fought with Yu Jiuzhi in the mainland. He was plotted against and hurt his leg." "What?!" Zhang Lao was stunned and immediately frowned, apparently not knowing the truth of Tang Zongbo's disappearance. Xia Shao looked at his reaction and lowered his eyes,glass cream jars, presumably, Yu Jiuzhi did such a thing, he would naturally cover up. Xia Shao snorted coldly in his heart and helped Zhang Lao to sit down on the chair. "Don't get excited. Sit down first and listen to me talk to you slowly." Ten years ago, Xia Shao also heard from her master, so she repeated Tang Zongbo's original words, explaining why Yu Jiuzhi proposed to fight with him, and how in the process he joined forces with the Thai headmaster and the people of the European Obikris Black Witch family to explain Tang Zongbo's serious injury. After that, he told me that eight years ago in Shili Village, he had solved the geomantic omen of Professor Zhou's ancestral grave by mistake. As a result, he was chosen by the master and accepted as a close disciple. Finally, I talked about Master's life over the years and her recent situation. It didn't take long to talk about these things, but the more Zhang Lao listened, the more excited he became. Xia Shao helped him sit on the chair, but he stood up as soon as he hit the table. "Humph!"! What a Yu Jiuzhi! He told us that he was defeated in the fight, and then he met a client and invited him to see the geomantic omen, but there was no news after he left! Sure enough, he did it! He said he was defeated by his master? What about the triads? At that time, Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale ,cosmetic packaging wholesale, the triad society and the Home Affairs Society were fighting for territory there, and the two men used it as a bet. Yu Jiuzhi said he lost. Did the triad lose the territory in the end? Xia Shao's eyes flashed and he noticed the key. I don't pay much attention to the fight between the two gangs, but I do remember what happened back then. Old Zhang recalled, "I remember that after Yu Jiuzhi came back, the old master of the Triad Society still had some opinions about him, probably meaning that since he knew that the art was not as good as my master brother, he should not put forward the fighting method.". However, Yu Jiuzhi is very famous in the field of geomantic omen, and he has always supported the triads. Old Qi just talked about him, and did not do anything to him. Later, there was no news of Elder Martial Brother Headmaster, and Xuanmen gradually took Yu Jiuzhi as the greatest, and the relationship between the Triad Society and Yu Jiuzhi became better and better. So, what happened in those years, in order to make the lies realistic, did Yu Jiuzhi really cover up the triads? Xia Shao lowered his eyes and thought deeply, but heard the old man's slightly excited voice on the opposite side, "Good!"! OK! It's all right. It's all right. As soon as Xia Shao raised his eyes, he saw that the old man's eyes were red, and he hung his head silently under the lamp, looking sad and sad. Seeing this, Xia Shao also sighed with emotion. Master had been in a rough situation for more than ten years, but if he knew that there were still people who were so worried about him, he would certainly be moved, right? "Oh, yes, yes!"! Wait, wait, wait! I'm going to make new tea. I just bought it at the beginning of the year. It's guaranteed to be new this time! As soon as the old man caught a glimpse of the cold tea on the table, he remembered it and turned to go back to the house. Xia Shao laughed, can she really let the old man go to make tea? However, this tea is really drinkable, but not Zhang Lao to make, but she should make. Since it is the identity of the eyebrow, Zhang Lao is her uncle, according to the rules of the tea. You always tell me where the tea is, and I'll go. Zhang Lao also guessed the intention of Xia Shao to make tea, so he did not stop her, pointed out the location of the kitchen, saw her go in, and then sat on the chair to measure the jade gourd in his hand. When Xia Shao came out, he saw the old man wiping the corners of his eyes, still in a state of excitement, sitting in a chair with a low stature, and slightly bent under the lamplight. Disciple of Xuanmen, Xia Shao, I have seen Martial Uncle. She poured the tea, carried the tea bowl to the old man according to the rules, and took the jade back and put it away while he was receiving the tea, so that he would not be hurt again. OK! OK Zhang Lao carried the tea, relieved and sighed with emotion, nodded repeatedly, regardless of the hot, drank several mouthfuls before putting it on the table. Then he raised his eyes and looked at Xia Shao, and the more he looked, the happier he was. Summer peony easy to wear,Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale, not too good-looking, but in the eyes of the old man is very likable, how to see how pleasing to the eye.