The introduction to the term paper

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The introduction to the term paper (scientific report) is its first section.

The introduction to the term paper (scientific report) is its first section, which justifies the importance of the stated topic for science, specialization, technology, describes the existing problem or task. By volume, the introduction does not exceed 2-5 pages of printed text. When writing a Essayassistant, the author must not only briefly and capaciously state the essence of the problem, but also interest the reader enough to make him want to continue familiarity with this scientific work.

Here are a few recommendations, which should be adhered to when writing the introduction.

Getting acquainted with the text, the reader should clearly see the range of issues to be addressed. The main essence of the scientific report is already outlined in the title of the work, so the text write my lab report of the introduction does not need to repeat it.

The importance of the topic for a particular sector of the scientific or technical field should be disclosed first.

The text should provide information on what research has already been done in the field, indicate the level at which the problem has been solved.

Cite the literature that addresses the solution to the issues outlined in the paper. This should convince the reader that the problem is interesting to other authors and known in the scientific world.

At the end of the section it is necessary to clearly formulate the goal, to list the tasks that will lead to its implementation.

The small text of the introduction should be logically structured, consist of outdone, related mini parts, provably revealing the essence of the problem, convincing the of the importance of the written work. An example of the introduction to the term paper may contain the following points.

It is necessary to emphasize the problems being solved at the moment and give examples of such problems, indicate the bright results obtained in this area. This point will convince the reader of the author's awareness and immersion in the problem.

The goal should be consonant with the stated title of the topic, and the tasks - to specify the issues whose solution will lead to achieving the goal.

To write an introduction to the term paper, an example of which is not easy to adapt to your topic, it can be quite problematic. If you have some difficulty in this matter, please contact our experts. Professionally, competently, quickly they will help to cope with any stated topic, qualitatively formulate the introduction and all parts of the work.


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