Why can sex dolls develop to the present

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By the time the opponents are rushing to imitate the three Hua sisters, they have already observed the turning of the aesthetic vane of the post-80s generation in Japan: the second dimension.

Japanese-style sex dolls: Eating sex and sex, making sex dolls need to be "human"

Hitler's unfinished sex doll business was inherited by the Japanese and the Americans respectively. But to be more serious, the Japanese still explored the mystery of shy toys earlier.

Among Japanese sex dolls, Orient Industry is the most representative inflatable sex doll factory.

As early as 1977, 36 years after Hitler's factory was bombed, the founder of Orient, with the dream of "letting every man enjoy being a man", made the first product: Hohoemi, Smile.

It is so simple, but it has achieved success, which strengthens the company's determination to liberate its hands for the otaku.

Young Girl Sex Dolls

In addition to eating Hohoemi's old book, they have worked hard for ten years.

In 1982, oksexdoll launched the first second-generation product that shocked the Japanese otaku world: flat chested sex doll, face shadow.

It touched the G-spot of otakus for the first time. The skin is made of latex and feels realistic, and the limbs can even be disassembled, allowing otakus to unlock more poses.

silicone sex doll craft

The most important thing in making silicone sex dolls is not craftsmanship, but reading human nature and knowing "eating sex". Until 1997, Orient decided to sacrifice his life and launch the Hua San sisters.

Its biggest breakthrough is that it has realized the most slippery head-changing function for Chinese Internet celebrities in 2019.

For 48,000 yen, users will get a body and three heads, which can be assembled and replaced by themselves. The sexy big sister Caihua with long hair on Monday and Tuesday, the second sister Youhua with gentle straight hair on Wednesday and Thursday, and the third sister Meihua with short hair and wild hair on Friday and Saturday.

What about Sunday? Sunday off! Did you all grow up eating kidney-tonifying pills 7 days a week?

Young Real Love Dolls

Orient has survived in the highly competitive Japan for so many years, and it is inseparable from excellent user insights.


So in 2000, mini sex doll started a whole new series: Fantastic, the fantasy series.