We would like to thank you for taking your time to go through another of our OSRS quest guides.

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Introduction To OSRS Temple Of Ikov Quest

A mysterious individual named Lucien wants you to join him on a quest deep beneath the Temple of Ikov in central Kandarin. He wants you to retrieve an artifact known OSRS gold  as the Staff of Armadyl.

Once you have it back Once you have it back, the Temple of Ikov quest doesn't stop there... Are you in the good side or evil?

Skills and Questing Requirements

Quest Point icon.png None of the previous quests are Required

Skills icon.png Skilling Requirements

Thieving 42 Thieving (boostable)

Ranged 40 It is a range (unboostable)

Items required during the Temple of Ikov Quest

A bow made of Yew, Magic or Dark, or any composite bow higher than Yew

A knife (If you are Getting Boots of Lightness - - see section at the end of Quest Guide)

20 Unnoted limpwurt roots

A Lightsource (If Getting Boots of Lightness - See section at the end of Quest Guide)

The Best Items To Make It More Speedy Quest

Telekeinetic Grab Runes (Law and Airs)

Varrock Teleport Tablets

Ardougne Teleport Tablets

Clothing that is lightweight (Graceful clothes, Spotted/Spottier Cloaks and other)

Amulet of Glory Amulet of Glory (Fast access to Edgeville)

Skills Necklace Cost (Fast Access to Fishing Guild that is very close The Quest Dungeon)

Stamina Potion

Ironman Additional Information

An Ironman account can easily obtain the yew longbow by catching and opening young implings. This is an option for ironmen who lack the levels required to create a Yaw bow.

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Temple Of Ikov OSRS Quest Walkthrough

Step 1

Make sure you have all the equipment and items and head over to Lucien located within the Flying Horse Inn at East Ardougne (Quick travel method: Ardougne Teleport).

Step 2

You can go through your Dialogue in conversation with Lucien.

Step 3

Transfer yourself into the Fishing Guild and walk due east to the Dungeon Icon, go down the ladder to get into the underground dungeon. The bridge will cross the lava and enter the building. Take the lever from the corner of the building and then exit. (Quick method of travel to exit: Skills Necklace: Fishing Guild)

Step 4

Take the bridge over and continue along the same road to go back. Take the lever from the lower bracket, which is along the outside of the house. The lever is pulled to open the gate.

Step 5

Pass this gate to enter into the Ice dungeon. Check the chests to find out the ice bows (We recommend getting at the very least 20).

Step 6

Exit the ice dungeon and continue on the same route to go back. Go into the small room and hunt for the traps in order to disable them.

Step 7

You can leave and go to the room of the boss. It is your duty to fight this boss to take him down.

Step 8

After you have killed the boss, go through the gate towards the north, and you will see a witch. Give her an amount of 20 Limpwurt roots and she will take you to the other side of the lava.

Step 9

Enter the wall from the north, and speak to The Guardian of Armadyl. Let him know that Lucien has instructed you to collect the staff. He will say that you should be cleansed. He'll splash holy water on you. Then he will hand you an Armadyl pendant and ask you to kill Lucien.

The oosrs guardian for armadylgetting is staff of the temple of Ikov

Step 10

You can teleport yourself to the Grand Exchange. Go into the home of Lucien to kill Lucien as the guardian said. This will end your quest. (Quick Travel Method: Amulet of Glory).

Getting the Boots of Lightness

Make sure that you have an energy source and a knife.

At the beginning of the Dungeon You will see stairs, go down then slash the web to take the light-hearted boots.

Final Thoughts

We would like to thank you for taking your time to go through another of our OSRS quest guides.

Remember to keep enjoying yourself playing Old School Runescape and never feel pressured to follow any direction with force at all times.

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