Different Types Of Shipping Container

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An enclosed container called a reefer is used to ship cargo that must maintain a certain temperature. For the container to function, an outside power source is necessary. Everything you ever wanted to know about container refrigeration systems is covered in this article. In the past many shipping/ cargo companies used refrigerated shipping containers for the shipment of perishable, temperature-sensitive cargo like fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, and other such items, in fact using them now as well.

When reefer containers are carried into ships, the power supply is supplied using energy produced by the ship's D.G. units. Mobile power packs are put on the ship if the capacity of the vessel's generator is insufficient to support the additional power consumption of the refrigerated containers (in the case of an elderly ship or the generator's unavailability due to overhauling, etc.).


Let's talk some about  the different types of shipping container-:


1.10ft refrigerated shipping containers-: The 10ft Refrigerated shipping containers has a cooling unit to regulate the temperature inside the container, making it ideal for carrying delicate items that need to be kept at a specific temperature, such as food or medicine.People mostly purchase 10ft refrigerated shipping containers as they are wind and water resistant, easily transportable, produce least amount of noise also it has superior user interface and inbuilt advanced humidity management.


2.10ft wide shipping containers-: Certain jobs require a little bit more. Extra precisely, two more feet. That's why we provide 10ft wide shipping containers of secure storage space in extra-wide storage containers that are industry-exclusive. Our 10-ft wide shipping containers provide two extra feet of storage for your most precious and necessary items, making them ideal for both business projects and large home relocation.


3.40ft dry shipping containers for sale-: The 40ft Dry shipping containers is our largest option for typical dry goods storage and transit. The container which comes in regular and high cube (9′ 6′′ high), can also be customized with internal lights, lining, or shelving.Mostly people purchase 40ft dry shipping containers for sale because of its amazing characteristics i,e being ISO-certified and CSC-plated for transportation by rail, sea and road. Secondly being available in 10ft, 20ft, 40ft sizes as well as high cubes variants.


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