Should You Fight Child Custody Alone or Hire a Lawyer?

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If your ex spouse is threatening to take your children away, you are likely debating whether you should represent yourself in your child custody dispute or hire an attorney. Here are a few straightforward and trustworthy recommendations that can assist you in determining whether you can effectively successfully negotiate a child custody agreement on your own when you should seek legal counsel.

Will your ex-spouse attempt to get exclusive custody of your children? If your ex spouse is reasonably fair willing to work out parenting arrangements that work for both of you, it may not be essential to hire an attorney. But if you have a gut sense that your ex will attempt to take your children refuse you visitation or that the negotiation will take a turn for the worst, retaining a Child Custody Attorney may be the best approach to protect your parenting rights.

Will your ex retain an attorney to fight for child custody? If your ex has already retained an attorney, it may be prudent for you to do the same if you want to retain custody of your children. You really do not want to be at a disadvantage while dealing with the courts, and a Child Custody Attorney may assist ensure that your custody hearing goes well.

Are you capable of doing all the necessary custody-related research on your own? If you are certain that you can independently investigate what you need to know about child custody court proceedings, you may represent yourself in court. However, there is more to the story than meets the eye. You should speak with a professional Child Custody Attorney who gives free first child custody consultations in order to get useful advice and information on what you will need to win your case.

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