Although the effect of these changes is yet to be determined

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Jagex claims that "a brand-new experience that will form part of the Elder God Wars storyline" will replace Duel Arena in the early 2022 timeframe However RuneScape Gold, no additional details are available yet.

Although the effect of these changes is yet to be determined however, they seem to be one of the most effective measures any studio has made to stop external abuse of its systems to gain financial gain. If they are successful, similar steps are likely to be implemented across the MMO space in the future.

Jagex is announcing that, after 18 years as the most popular PvP arena, Duel Arena will be going away from RuneScape and a new zone is being added. RuneScape will be introducing Het's Oasis featuring a brand-new environment, new methods of acquiring skills and two mini-quests that you can play.

The game will begin today with Oasis Restoration the players will be charged to transform the Duel Arena following a cataclysmic earthquake that destroyed the entire area Old School RuneScape Gold. The players will have to collaborate to transform the decrepit arena from "a blood-soaked fighting pit where legends have staked their fortunes in one-on-one battles and a peaceful oasis."